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  1. Thermomonkey

    Comp will not switch off

    I have this problem every time i move my computer from uni and back again. Basically when i disconnect the power for a while, then reconnect. It just 'disappears' after a few days..... Very odd
  2. I've mentioned this many times, and nobody ever answers - I'm not sure how to work out the memory dividers, but i'm quite sure it's not as simple as just multiplying your FSB by the ratio of the dividers. If it's supposed to be, then this motherboards dividers are wrong.
  3. Thermomonkey

    4 Dimms

    Why would it treat is as DDR333? I'm using 4 dimms, and running at 204fsb (using a divider)
  4. Thermomonkey

    Advice on new config

    Sorry... I got confused for a second, ignore my previous post. Yeah that's a good chip, don't know much about it's overclocking potential though.... I assume that's what you want to do with it? Given you're from the US, i'd try and get yourself an opteron 165 (i think thats the version that has 2x1mb cache - check on the amd site) Might be more expensive, but they are an awsome chip, and overclock very well indeed - have a search around other forums, see what people say. Unfortunately they are very hard to get hold of in the UK, else i'd get one. They can all easily outperform FX-57's with a little overclock.
  5. Thermomonkey

    Advice on new config

  6. Thermomonkey

    Crashing in games w/ X1900XT

    Ati tool will artifact scan on mine (overclocked) fine somethimes, but will still crash in games. What might be worth a try is underclocking the graphics card by quite a way, then doing what you did to make it crash-just to make sure it is that that's at fault. It does sound like a graphics card problem... but it's worth just leaving prime 95 running a torture test for a few hours, see if that results in any problems. You tried that?
  7. Thermomonkey

    Need Help Using PCI Video Card

    That's weird... should work. Are you sure it's even ticking over into bios? maybe if it looks for the primary display that isn't there... it doesn't try and boot? Can't imagine it'd help... but tried booting up whilst holding down insert? Not entirely sure what that does to be honest... but I had to keep doing it when mine was playing up.
  8. Thermomonkey

    Need Help Using PCI Video Card

    Ok. Keep pressing delete till you're sure its into bios. Then: down 5 times. enter page down F10 Y Enter Hope it works
  9. Thermomonkey

    Boot hang, and memory dividers

    Ok... found something else out that's a bit strange. I made a post about a month or so back, saying how when I put 'boot other device' option to on in bios, it made the frequency of my boot hangs less frequent. I've now discovered, that all my problems have gone away... and the only thing I changed in bios was putting the first boot device to cd, rather than hard drive (now as second). Very odd, and probably co-incidental i know, but if someone else is having boot issues, it's worth a try... and tell me how it goes. Also now got 4x512 sticks in running at 204 mhz... and hasn't hanged on boot once.
  10. Thermomonkey

    Boot hang, and memory dividers

    Right it's back up and running at 295x9, as before, with a 3/5 divider. Thing is, the memory frequency is reported as 204, and not 177 as expected! Please help!
  11. Yep ditto, got to 332 x 8 fully stable. Didn't test any higher. It moans at any higher than 295 at 9 miltiplier though.
  12. Thermomonkey

    Max HTT on your board?

    I can run mine fully stable at 332, with 8 multimplier. But i get lower 3d mark scores. than 295 x 9. No idea what revision of the board it is. Where do i look again? But i think it'll be the first revision, i got it pretty much straight away.
  13. Ok, I've been trying to solve the issue of my computer hanging just before the OS boot, and I can't for the life of me resolve it. Whilst trying to resolve the issue once and for all, i've noticed some very strange things happening. For a start, a few weeks ago, I had my computer starting up almose every time, no problem, running at 9 x 295, and a memory divider of 120. Today I just installed a new PSU, and if I now put my memory divider at 100, and try booting at even 290, it hangs. I even lowered the CPU/FSB to 4x, thus running my processor at only 1160, and it still wouldn't boot. Now, given that the issue clearly isn' t the ram running too high, it's not the cpu, and my LDT/FSB was at 3x, what else could the problem be? Another thing, I think i'm mistaken about how memory dividers work. I was under the impression that, if my fsb bus was set to 250, and the ram was set to 120 divider (i.e. 3:5) then the ram would run at 150 ( 250 x 3/5 ) however, cpuz reports the speed as 166. This is the same as when I was running stable at 295, with a divider of 120, it was actually running at 204 according to cpuz and not 177 as i'd calculated. Please tell me how they actually work! Thanks. One more thing. When I set the FSB to 260, and the divider to 100, then CPUz reports that the cpu is infact running at 200fsb. Could this all be a cpu-z issue? Any other programs anyone could recoganise? A few other things make me suspicious however that the error lies in the motherboard itself. Thanks for any help.
  14. Thermomonkey

    PSU help

    Right, cheers for info. I've ordered the PSU, should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know how I get on.
  15. Thermomonkey

    PSU help

    *update* After a little searching, the Tagan 'TG-580-u15' appears to have the 8 pin supply: http://www.tagan.com/pages/products/easyco...gan_UK_mini.pdf http://www.tagan.com/pages/products/easyco..._tg580_u15.html Anyone got this PSU? Any good?