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    Help picking a nf4 mobo

    I think those 3 things should work out pretty well for you. As far as RAM I would say either the OCZ Gold/Platinum PC4000 2GB kit or the Cruicial Ballistix PC4000 2GB Kit. Both cost a pretty penny, but will overclock like crazy.
  2. DoubleStack

    Advice on this RAM please

    You can buy things from a lot of other places that arent as risky as ebay.
  3. DoubleStack

    Help picking a nf4 mobo

    I dont know about putting a new PC together being hard, my 5 year old son can do it. However it is pretty damn scary. I can honestly say that if you get a DFI you have a large ammount of people on this baord who would be more then happy to help you iron out any problems you might have. All you really need to worry about is getting high quality parts that will do everything you want them to, for a year or two, and that they are all compatible. Beyond that the actual building process is just putting the components in the case without ESD killing anything, and a little bios tweaking.
  4. DoubleStack

    DDR Heat Spreaders

    If your not overclocking then you'll be fine without heat spreaders. Personally though I think its a good idea to have them.
  5. DoubleStack

    New Build. Please Help.

    Just about any of the danger den rads *should* be able to be mounted on the top of the case, but I highly doubt that there would be enough room to put the rad at the top between a psu and the rom drives. If you really want to do watercooling, then your best bet is to go with a bigger case. I, as well as many other users here would recommend the Coolermaster CM Stacker. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16811119042 It has great airflow, uses 120mm intake/exhaust fans, looks good, and has more then enough room to house a watercooled SLI system.
  6. DoubleStack

    SPCR Enermax Liberty EL500AWT & EL620AWT PSU's

    Looks like my choice on powersupplies just widened... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817194004
  7. I can only say that the Opteron cpu's are not currently supported by DFI motherboards. This does not mean they will not work, but you will not be able to get tech support for it if you use it. Here is a good link for you to check out for the Opty: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ghlight=opteron
  8. DoubleStack

    Advice on this RAM please

    I'd have to agree that value ram is not ideal for a DFI motherboard. Its kind of like buying a SVT Mustang, then dropping a v6 in it.
  9. DoubleStack

    Research Complete/Need RAM Advice

    Pyr0: Wow, that sucks. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. DoubleStack

    Research Complete/Need RAM Advice

    Could I get some links to some of the problems people are having? I intend to get the ballistix when I build my new system and have found very few people having problems with it.
  11. DoubleStack

    New Build. Please Help.

    Not a good idea to go with a small radiator if you have the CPU and 2 GPU's in the loop... You would probably be better off with a high end air cooling unit. The radbox I posted above would allow you to get a 2x120mm rad and mount it on the back of the case, so you would not have to worry about fitting it inside...
  12. DoubleStack

    New System Build, Need Help...

    I was kinda wondering the same thing. As you can see in my sig I have 2 WD drives, and havent ever used anything but western digital since the maxtor drives I always used went bad.
  13. DoubleStack

    AC Ryan Blackfire4 UV/Led Fans

    Hmmm, I may have to pick a couple of these up
  14. DoubleStack

    help choosing watercooling rig & BIG case

    I'm not trying to crap in someone's thread or get in a pissin match with anyone... Was just point out that they were different. They might be almost the same height, but the 810 doesnt have 2 PSU slots, that was what I was trying to point out.
  15. DoubleStack

    Research Complete/Need RAM Advice

    Of my buddies who have used the Ballistix 2GB PC4000 kit, none of them have had any problems, but none of them are using a DFI board either. Most of them went either Asus or Abit. I have seen posts on a couple forums about people who have had problems with them, but the number of OCZ problems WAYYYY out-weighs the problems with the Ballistix. Not to mention the Ballistix are known to be the best for overclocking.