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  1. Ok thanks for the reply, WildStaroct. Do you have SLI graphic cards too. I think Ihave those drivers actually. What do you think, I could use a time delayed advice since I have exausted most issues already. I talking with activision about it?
  2. OK it is working updated post bump. With all the stuff it works, had to adjust a few things, but it works. Strange though it hesitates to start every time. Sometimes it will have to cycle the startup windows menu for manual starting before it kicks to the desktop.
  3. My system was hard to put together. Now that it is working, it is great. Runs Doom3 like a charm. I want to run a game called Vamipire the Masquerade Bloodlines, but i don't know what hardware issue it is if it is and I do not know if it is a hardware configureation basis? I wonder if there is updated drivers since November?
  4. All set, now the problem is that the power supply needs to switched on/off after it has not run for a while. Sort of manual overide. Then it kicks in.
  5. UPDATE. Want to make sure PC is not running to hot. Have two fans in back and one on either side and one for each PC graphic card and prosessor. Hope this is good enough. Cyborg had mentioned it was a little hot before. Thinking of getting a better procesor fan. Also we think windows just went on. Gonna try try duel PCI and RAM charges later. Hope this works. I think This thing is going to make make GE look like the Dark SIde of the Moon, escuse my speelling. YEAH
  6. bump We are doing RAM diagnostics right now, that may have somethying to do about it crashing
  7. Signature has to have specs then for me? My post started and builder Cyborg should have it then. He posted it in a different thread I believe. I will ask him about it then. Cool
  8. Thanks Boppo, I am bumping again. All this infous tidbits will be ging to use this weekeend, Hazza
  9. Cyborg is using only Graphic card to install. It is the X-finity first edition. It does not have the flat power cabels. It does have PCI conectors.
  10. This is a thread bump. I actually am the owner by right of purchase of this system. Cyborg-Psyco is the one to build and install it for me. Still a bunch of issues with this board. Bought new RAM. I now have duel Corsair 3200 pro xmx(?) LED series 512 each. Bios is now up but installing windowsXP is crashing???? Two 256 XFX SLI video Cards Only one for install. 600watt X-Finity power supply with multi conections BIG thing here is I have a AMD 64 bit 4000 processor. Is this thing to much? It says on box up to 3700. Here is another thing, which I dought hurts the fact, but it is a X-Laser3 Skull series case. Cool grafics, but probably illrelavent. Bump Bump Nudge Nudge
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