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  1. AMD's marketing budget is tiny compared to Intel's. 2006 will be interesting for Intel and AMD CPU performance. As I recall reading a while back AMD believes that their product is competitive and they won't be making many, if any, changes in 2006.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! Uhhh, wait a sec. Is that Politically Correct? :confused:
  3. I think the best way would be as shown below: intenet<--modem<--linksys<--LAN (your PCs)
  4. Charlie, you've hit the nail on the head with your example! This is what marketing is about.
  5. Well, company marketers for one. Advertisers for two. Remember that Intel is marketing their products to the public at large; millions and millions (apologies to Carl Sagan ) Most of the public just does not have a clue about computer technology, and maybe rightfully so. They ain't geeks like us.
  6. Because it is free to the advertiser. Think about the number of people who purchase products, clothing for example, that has a company's logo on it. When was the last time you saw a plain sweatshirt or T-shirt? People are happily wearing corporate logos, and they are paying money for that privilege. How many stadiums in this country have let companies pay a fee to put their corporate logo on? People are getting desensitized to advertising, so the advertising companies (and others) are constantly coming up with new and different ways to advertise products. Do you recall the penchant a while back in movie theaters to show 10-15 minutes of commercials before seeing movie trailers? As people become more desensitized to advertising we should expect that advertising will become more intrusive. It will get worse before it gets better -- if that's possible. lol
  7. I don't see why it would not work. I have used desktop PCs flipped 90 degrees on their sides. Never had any problems.
  8. If I recall correctly, you need to have your drivers available on a floppy disk so that Windows can load them.
  9. ROFL. The Onion is too funny!
  10. My favorite parody of their logo was "Insel Intide"...dating back to their FPU problem. Like it or not, you have to admit that Intel is one of the few high tech companies that knows how to market high tech to the masses. My question is "What are they leaping ahead of?" Their new logo seems to be nothing more than marketing-speak.
  11. If NewEgg does go public I hope it does not go to their head, in terms of higher prices or sloppy service. Wall $treet's myopic focus on quarterly results does funny things to companies. Of course, you have to factor in a possible greed quotient on company's executives part; not trying to imply that NewEgg execs are greedy. Remember WorldCom, Enron, Qwest, etc.? I don't mean to be a naysayer or negative but I've seen this too many times. Let's hope that NewEgg continues to stay focused, public company or not.
  12. Depends on what your going to do with your rig. Will you be running a RAID array? If so, what type? How many applications will you be installing on the c: partition? I would suggest that 10 GB to 15 GB may not be enough, i.e. if you have a lot of apps to install. Think about what type of files you will be storing on your drive also: photos, MP3, etc. You may want to increase the size of the partition to 20 GB or 25 GB. When you first install XP you will create the c: partition during setup. You will need to specify the partition size in megabytes (I believe).
  13. I use paper coffee filters which are lint free.
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