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  1. Im running xp with the current marvell drivers and nforce drivers but when i installed ubuntu i did not install any of these and i have been running like a champ. the only nvidia drivers i have downloaded were for my graphics card. but i believe ubuntu has built in support for the nforce chipset.
  2. I used the marvell drivers instead of the nvidia one and my internet connection came up right after without any problems.
  3. The nvidia nforce4 drivers? True windows does recognize it but it recognizes it as an ide drive. If you go to the device manager and click on ide/ata controllers or something you can see if its listed. Oh yea also windows recognizes the drive becase the maxtor can tell windows its an ide drive and not a sata drive so you can load windows you still need the drivers for the borad tho.
  4. Did you ever install any sata drivers for the maxtor drive?
  5. hah I have keyboard issue when im playing FPS's. When ever I hold down a button down too long the keyboard will stick. Just unplugging the keyboard and plugging it back in fixes it for me, it a usb tho. I havent switched keyboards yet.
  6. I thought you woulda needed drivers but since windows recognises it thats not a problem. I dont understand why you can reformat.
  7. your Internet Connection Sharing
  8. you need to run the router or setup you ics correctly.
  9. you cant install anything? no programs no nothing? that makes no sence. it would be an os problem. i would reinstall xp. reformat the whole drive and not the quick format eiter the long one. and if you want to install ubuntu you have to install it after windows. that is a must.
  10. i think you have the ics setup wrong. I think with ics you need a computer that is always on that acts like a dhcp server. when you computer looses it internet connection do any other computers still have theres?
  11. if you go to the device manager in winxp can you see you video card installed. the problem with ubuntu is incorrect video drivers probably. id worry about the windows install befor the ubutu one tho
  12. what version of windows are you and the other computers running? oh and your switch is not internet sharing microsoft is. the switch just forwards the packets to its destination.
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