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  1. Thanks alot EDIT: TCaseMax is showing 85c on my system, can that be right?
  2. OK, with my system i sign i get loadtemp 61c in dual prime is the conroe not supose to get as high as amd in temp?
  3. I´m sorry, i am sure your answer is great, but my english is so bad that i can´t understund what u mean. Can u discribe a littlebit more.
  4. I have my second system going now, and i wondering one thing. CPU-temp says 21c in everest and Core-temp says 34 on one core and 35 on the other. It is a conroe 6400. How high can i go in temp on CPU-temp and how high in Core-Temp before i have to start worried???
  5. U can select just the IDE drivers when u run the setup EDIT: Why does my sign dont show upp i have a good systemsign in usercp ???
  6. Is the latest 06/04/06 bios for expert board on the cd? does enyone know?
  7. But i dont want to take it apart 2 times just to test witch one is the best. im sick of taking the watersystem apart.
  8. So, i think i will put them in series then, but you guys are all telling diffrent, so´im not shoure what to do.
  9. So putting them in series is the best for me.
  10. I have 2 of the same pumps that i want to run in my watersyetem how should i put them in? Should i have one of the pumps put water in to the intake of the other pump, or should i put both pumps in to a Y, so both pumps is putting water into the Y and then in to the same tube? I hope u anderstand what i mean.
  11. yeah, i was scared to, but i was so mad not hitting 2,8GHz stable so i now try that vcore. so it works just fine, but what do u think?, is it way to much vcore on opteron 175???
  12. Idle temp is around 28-30c all on water The vcore is now at 1.627 and the temps are the same as vcore 1.61
  13. Is 43c really 43c on the Expert board? My full load, dual prime95 temp is 42-43c can i trust that degrees? bios E704-2bt vcore bios 1.617 windows 1.58
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