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  1. MX518 is SOLD. Considering trade offer on the PSU...
  2. Monster iPlay iPod charger/transmitter is SOLD.
  3. Craptacular

    Power Supply--Did I make a mistake???

    The vast majority of TT PSUs aren't very good, but the TR2 500W is a decent model. Unlike TT PSUs in the past it's made for TT by Channelwell, which manufactures for Antec and XClio. Link to review by JonnyGuru - torturer of PSUs I'd say there are better buys out there, but you could have done a lot worse.
  4. ALL SOLD Reading this part will save both me and you time: -Please PM me if you have any questions or problems with pricing -Do not post lowballs -Prices marked are for Non-CC Paypal and include shipping within the lower 48 States only. -Acceptable trades listed at the bottom of the thread ----------------------------------------------------------- SOLD - Mad Dog (TTGI/Superflower rebadge) SurePower 500W BTX/ATX Smart Cable Power Supply Shielded/Sleeved PCI-E adapter included (listed under PSU details) +3.3V: 35A | +5V: 45A | +12V: 30A -12V: 0.8A | -5V: 0.5A | +5VSB: 2.5A 24-Pin mobo connector (20-pin adapter included for those that need it) Link to Mad Dog's product page This thing is a tank. It has performed flawlessly and has given me a good year of service, but I just bought a 620W Enermax Liberty. To be honest the cables on the Liberty make me long for the Mad Dog's much better sleeving and plug arrangements. In other words, the cables on the Mad Dog PSU are great. The Mad Dog was 100% stable with my setup: Opteron 170 OC'ed to 2.8 @ 1.5V, DFI Ultra-D, OC'ed 7800GT, TV Tuner, 2 DVD burners, 2 HDs, LOTS of fans, floppy, front USB/Firewire hub panel, etc. etc. etc. So yeah, it's a solid PSU. As you can see in the links provided, it has a slick titanium finish. Well built and looks great. It has a 3-speed adjustable cooling system, although I never really needed anything above the low/quiet setting despite having it loaded down. Buy this bad-boy and I'll throw in this shielded/sleeved PCI-E adapter: Link to EMI Filtered/Shielded/Sleeved PCI-E Adapter ----------------------------------------------------------- SOLD - Logitech MX518 mouse - BRAND NEW in sealed retail package What else can you say about these? Highly accurate and has two thumb buttons unlike certain new Logitech releases . Logitech MX518 1600dpi high performance gaming mouse, brand new in full sealed retail package. ----------------------------------------------------------- SOLD - Monster® iCarPlay™ Wireless - FM Transmitter for iPods with Dock Connection Link to Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPods product page Used this for a year or so but got an Icelink direct connection for Christmas. It both charges your iPod and transmits your music to your car stereo. Black and silver just like in the linked product page, so it doesn't stick out like the usual HOLYCRUDSTEALME white iPod accessories for cars. ----------------------------------------------------------- Potentially acceptable trades/partial trades: -Creative Audigy 2 ZS or better (X-Fi anyone? Yeah, I know) -Saitek Eclipse, Logitech G15 or new MS-line keyboards -250GB or larger SATA HD -PCI version of a GF 5200 -Cheap AGP card capable of running BF2 -Zalman VF700 Cu or NV5 rev3 video cooler Link to my Heatware feedback Thanks for looking!
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    FS: Retail A64 3200 Winnie (GREAT OC'er!), Antec PS

    PS sold. Updated sale with Thermalright XP-90 bundle options.
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    FS: Retail A64 3200 Winnie (GREAT OC'er!), Antec PS

    More items added as trade possibilities.
  7. Craptacular

    FS: Retail A64 3200 Winnie (GREAT OC'er!), Antec PS

    Whoops! When I said that bumps were appreciated, I didn't mean for anyone to break forum rules.
  8. UPDATE: $$$$$PRICE-DROP$$$$$ I'm a bang-for-the-buck guy, so I had to see what all the hubbub over the dual-core Opterons was about. My new 170 is in, so it's time to let go of my baby- a freakshow of a Winchester 3200. Before we get into details, check out the thread rules: - Have a question or a problem with a price? PM me. - Don't post lowball offers or post complaints- send me a PM. - All prices shown are for non-CC Paypal. - All prices shown are shipped within the lower 48 States only, thanks. - Acceptable items for potential trades listed near bottom of post. ---------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD: Retail Box AMD A64 Winchester 3200+ (For comparison, lowest Pricewatch price is $162 shipped) This is nice overclocker that has not been abused in any way (daily vcore 1.5V, load temps never higher than mid-40s C). A great performer with 2 years of retail AMD warranty left. Retail box with retail HSF included. Stepping: 0449 MPM Yes, just MPM. This is a rare stepping code that, IIRC, AMD has used when they need to fill quotas for lesser ranked processors by taking from higher rated stock. Performance seems to back up that theory. Performance as noted with an XP90 HS on an MSI Neo2 Platinum and a DFI Ultra-D Highest speed tested: 2.8GHz at 1.6V Daily driver speed: 2.6GHz at 1.5V (idle temp: 25C, load temp: upper 30s C) Even though temps were still low with 1.6V and it probobly wouldn't have done any harm over time, I usually play it safe so I set it at a nice even 2.6GHz (where my RAM was happy at 1:1) and left it at that. Remember: As always, YMMV with OC'ing. HSF Upgrade bundle options: Why break up a good team? The retail Thermalright XP-90 I used with this processor is now available to purchase with the Winchester in bundle pricing. The retail XP-90 package has all the accessories including the 92mm Panaflo fan (Panaflo fan never used). I can also provide the Enermax 92mm speed adjustable fan (from silent low setting at 47.34cfm to top setting of 64.15cfm) I used with it for another $5. Winchester/XP-90 bundle pricing: $135 - Retail processor package with stock AMD HSF. $155 - Retail package as above plus Thermalright XP-90 retail with 92mm Panaflo $160 - Retail package as above plus Thermalright XP-90 retail, Panaflo AND Enermax speed-adjustable fans both included. Link to Enermax 92mm speed-adjustable fan ---------------------------------------------------------------- SOLD: Antec SL400 - 400W SmartPower power supply (for comparison: lowest Pricewatch price is $57 shipped) Solid workhorse I got with a 1040 BII case. Never a single problem, never been out of the case so it's in great condition. Not much explaining to do here. Good power supply at a good price. Link to SL400 Product Page on Antec's website ---------------------------------------------------------------- Trade items considered: - Thermaltake Big Typhoon HSF - Scythe Ninja HS - Coolermaster Aquagate Mini R120 - 250GB or larger SATA HDs - Games: FEAR or COD2 - Enermax Liberty PS (500W or higher) - ULTRA X-finity PS (500W or higher) - Antec NeoHE PS (500W or higher) - Sunbeam NUUO 550W PS - OCZ 520W Modstream PS - Antec P180 case - Various Thermaltake, Lian Li or Coolermaster cases ---------------------------------------------------------------- References: Paypal Premier Verified My Heatware feedback My eBay feedback Thanks for checking out my sale! .
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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Got my OEM 170 in from Monarch yesterday afternoon. I was expecting the decent 0546XPMW stepping everyone else that purchased during the "24 Hour Sale" has been getting from them, but I opened the box and found... uh... 0530TPMW. :eek: At first I was confused and a bit concerned, as I figured the only way I could have gotten that stepping was if Monarch had sold me a used one (returned by a customer) as new. Expecting the worst, I popped it in and shot for 2.6GHz. Stable. 2.7 at 1.4V failed in torture test on one core after a few hours, so a bump to 1.42V (as reported by MBM5) got it stable. Now torture testing at 2.8 with 1.46V, looking good and haven't seen a max load temp go over 40C. I'm eager to see how far this thing can be pushed within safe voltage limits. Customer-returned item sold to me as new or not, I think this one's looking good so far.
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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Whoops! Edited link.
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    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Here's a thread for posting experiences in dealings with DC Optys. It takes a bit of digging to find the best methods since nobody has compiled a simplified guide yet. Link to thread on dual-core Opteron results ...and here's a thread dealing with the process I was talking about: Link to thread on burn-in
  12. Craptacular

    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    The OEM version comes with a 1 year warranty according to AMD's product page: AMD Opteron Processor 170 OEM product page