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  1. thats terrible... it had been running for a day or so before i powered down and started removing parts... so worst case - one pin is still bent, and or snaps off - will cpu work without just 1 pin? am i in terrible.. wont know until it gets done leak testing... jeez im scared.. never had this happen before - probably a nother reason its a good idea to pull the IHS off... that thing was bonded so tight to the heatsink it took alot of work to get it off...
  2. Ok so - building my watercooling set up - i was removing my xp-120 heatsink to prepare the mobo for the new cpu cooler (swiftech storm) I undid all the clips on the xp-120 wiggled it a lil bit to unseat the as5 - and the whole cpu came off - bent a few pins in the process - the locking bar was still in its fully locked down position.... pretty upset right now - what the hell would cause the cpu to be removed while it was firmly locked in place? i have the cpu all cleaned up - but had to get a large magnifying glass -a nd my tiniest probe - and very carefully bend at least 12 pins on the outer leading row - to attempt to straighten them... Is this common? There wasn't that much as5 on it - is that stuff like super glue or something? What did i do wrong? How would you normally unseat a large heatsink from the cpu? I move the locking bar - and it looks like it is moving the entire thing - just cant understand how it wouldn't hold the cpu in place while i removed the heatsink... I will boot up system with the new cpu cooler tomorrow - just hope to god I got the pins bent back right -- It seemed to re-seat well - it dropped right back in when i was installing the new storm cooler... just worried sick now - as its my only CABNE... and i doubt if its broke i can get another... thanks in advance anyone with knowledge on this subject
  3. not sure what to do here - always used crucial - but i cannot continue to RMA them - first set of dual channel memory - 2x1gb pc4000 ballistix - one bad stick - RMA'd - 2nd set getting mem test errors out of the box (running it in 2nd orange slot) Put my first good stick in orange slot (alone) no errors Put 2nd stick in 2nd orange slot (with good) errors Put 2nd stick in first orange slot(alone) tons of errors RMA'd 2nd stick.. awaiting 3rd.. sigh.. if I dont get this straight on the 3rd stick - I am going to attemp to get a refund. They are not performing as I had hoped (even at stock) when I purchased them. I am not going to contine to RMA these sticks until I get "lucky" and they all past memtest... and I stop getting OS errors, BSOD's, and game crashes. I will switch to OCZ, or Geil One... I am not concerned about money - but do not like spending money on something that claims to be great memory - and does not function as intended.. I know some are happy with theirs, and have never had problems... But I obviously am not.. Hopefully Crucial takes care of me, as I have said before, i have always been a Crucial User.. This time around however, $300.00 poorer, and on my 3rd Rma inside of 2 months... is just unacceptable in a company as reputed as they are. (not to mention hours spent trying to remedy and fix problems associated with it, and downtime not using this computer for what it was intended.. playing games!)
  4. just reading the final page of that and seeing there are 19 pages ahead of it - makes me want to call New-Egg in the morning and return every stick of ballistix i have lol - (Im sitting on 3 right now) ... jesus... So whats the general consensus? Geil? OCZ? maybe ill just ebay these if new egg wont take em back - i dont need the headache of RMA hell...
  5. well not that anyone cares (HA) since no one seemed to have had this problem or any advice on what to do.. I think ive located a faulty Ram stick. LOL - how the hell that could cause all these problems i do not know... Anyways - pulled all the ram out - and threw in a junker stick - 256 MB Value - booted up no errors - long formatted - reinstalled windows - shut down - installed one of the ballistix sticks - ran memtest - no errors pulled that stick - threw in the 2nd stick - atleast 10 errors.. GRRR cant believe I just spent like 16 hours working on a reinstall cause of a damn stick of ram. Guess next time ill try to pull the ram first... ugh
  6. i dont think anything went wrong on your end - nothing you could have done to prevent it i suppose. like rgone said - a lot of people are experiencing problems when loading those drivers. How they were ever certified i do not know.... I wouldnt install the latest drivers unless you have to. If the ones that shipped on the cd with your mobo work then no need to upgrade imo
  7. ok - put in a very old ide cd drive - to boot windows - disconnected sata drive - finally detected it - got a ton of errors installing from an authentic windows xp home cd.. wont install - get this error abuot 25% in... *** STOP 0x00000024 (0x001902fa,0xf7c96a88,0xf7c96788,0xf7743578) ntfs.sys - addresss f7743578 base at f7743000, datestamp 3d6de5c1 aggravating as hell... comp was running fine - till i went to update vid driver.. gd
  8. was updating my nvidia 7800 GTX driver to 81.95 - got a blue screen of death on reboot - IRQL-not-less-or-equal Rebooted - tried to get to windows - got an error - windows/system32/*@&* is corrupt - please reinsert Windows CD and select Repair to try and fix Did that - couldnt repair - started to try a fresh install - blue screen of death - same IRQL error as above- Rebooted Shut down comp Clear CMOS Rebooted - tried to install windows again - same error Shut down comp = cleared cmos- rebooted comp loaded Wester digital hard drive tool - wrote 0's - rebooted now the comp starts - it posts - get one good beep - the diagnostic leds - show one led - but no drives are recognized.. Shut down comp Disconnected everything - connected cpu fan - all 4 power supplies to mobo connected one DVD/CD drive, and a pci card test video card - started comp - still wont detect any drives... tried to shut down, clear cmos same thing upon startup - posts fine - goes to one diagnostic red led... wont detect drives - wont boot to cd to load windows.... crazy... any ideas? did my mobo just give out on me?
  9. http://www.ghostsquad.us/Sitefiles/Misc/3d05.cabne.250.jpg maxed CPU at 275 - OCCT STABLE.. memory giving me probs... doesnt like to go above 265 right now - all stable at 250 - 2.75 ghz... oh well heres a 3dmark and CPU - with MBM5 running.. http://www.ghostsquad.us/Sitefiles/Misc/3d05.cabne.250.jpg hehehe was searching the highest 3dmark05 score... and came upon this..wow 17,650 rofl -- thats insane.. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=27471
  10. SO happy right now - just upgraded hehe my CPU - was running a CABGE opty 150 - max i could overclock was too 245 FSB - around 2.9ghz - EBAYed me a CABNE opty 148 - just got it tonight - starting overclocking - superpi 32m stable at 3.2!!!! about to run OCCT stability test... The opty 150 would not go above 250 FSB - in fact wasnt even stable at 250 - started the 148 at stock 200 FSB - tested it out ran superpi32m and occt test... then tested 225 FSB - 250 FSB - and then 295 FSB just to see if it would lol just finished super pi - going to aim for 300 fsb for 3.3 ghz Running on air - with a xp-120 and a delta high performance fan - on a controller of course (this thing sounds like a jet engine at 100%) still at 1.450 volts Cant wait to see what i can get with the watercooling setup next month anyone know the fastest opty 148 out there? Would love to hit 3.5 ghz on water hehehe Whats the max FSB of this mobo btw?
  11. thanks for the tip - never knew smart guardian could adjust fan speeds lol
  12. what program are you using to alter its speed?
  13. Running 1.6 volts to the chipset - just got done running some memory tests in everest, sandra, and ran superpi 32m, OCCT hates me, wont be stable at stock speeds so i dont even use it anymore. Prime 95 for 4 hours. Heres the MBM pic.... usually well last night it was running 3000 rpm which i thought was fast... is this an error in the MBM proggy? or is my chipset fan REALLY running that friggin fast... is that safe if it is? why is it so fast? temps are not that high... any suggestions? or anyone else seen speeds like this?
  14. check the overclock database tons of info in there.. have to overclock it which is a process, no one can just look at your equip and say do this do that - or this is what you can do - have to figure out what your system can do - once you start doing that - people can help fine tune - but cant just say input this input that and voila. you are 100% stable. read the overclocking guide its amazing! hope it helped
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