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  1. and that's it? No mobo drivers or anything? Cheers... Tom
  2. Hi, I recently accidentally reset all the BIOS settings on my motherboard. I've got 2 7900GT graphics cards @ 520Mhz, and I'm only seeing a score of around 4900 in 3dMark06. It looks like both graphics cards are enabled in XP, but aren't operating in SLi mode. Is there something I need to tweak in the BIOS to turn it on? What about motherboard drivers? Cheers... Tom
  3. Hi All, After experimenting with watercooling I'm going back to air - basically I had a duff power supply, which toasted a couple of GFX cards, so I'm now only cooling my CPU and northbridge. I want to put something either passive, or which doesn't sound like a helicopter on the northbridge. Anyone have any recommendations? Tom
  4. Did that, doesn't make a difference. Tom
  5. Hi All, I've got 2x Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT DIMM sets. Sometimes on bootup the mobo recognises them as 3.5GB, but Windows XP standard only ever sees 2.5 GB. I've tried looking for all the timings, but I can't seem to find a DB with them in. Does anyone else have these modules? According to the corsair website, the DFI Lanparty Sli-DR Expert supports 4 of them..... Cheers... Tom
  6. Hi, At the risk of being flamed to death :angel: , does anyone have a build guide for the DFI NF4 Expert? The power connectors appear to be different to the standard Ultra-DR and I want to make sure I've not missed anything. I've just sprung for an OCZ 700W GameXstream PSU. I've connected up 4 rails - 2 cpu rails, 2 power rails right next to each other - 4 pin + 20 pin. Where the molex connector appears to be on the Ultra build, there's nothing there. Where the 4 pin floppy connector appears to be on the ultra is a 4 pin connector labelled "fan 3". I'm just about to drop in a 2nd 7900GT and I really don't want to blow it up.... Cheers... Tom
  7. I'm going to set up RAID 0 on my PC. I've got an external storage array for any important data, so all I'm after is raw speed. Is one controller better than the other, or are they pretty much the same? Cheers... Tom
  8. Bugger! No chance of doing that - I got the originals ages ago. It's really odd that they all work in different combinations, just not together. Oh well.... Tom
  9. Yep, as I said - I tried 1 stick and 2 sticks in the orange slots. I also tried diffent combinations of sticks in the orange slots and all seem to work correctly, however when I add another, so I have either 3 (in any yellow slot) or 4 (in all slots) it refuses to POST. Tom
  10. I believe so, they're the same mfr and the specs all look the same. In addition, I can use an old one and a new one together with no problems. Tom
  11. Update: I also loosened the timings and bumped the RAM volts a little bit - still nothing. I don't even get a BIOS screen. Any ideas? Tom
  12. Ok, set CPC disabled, set divider to (5/6) 166. Still no joy getting the thing to boot. Any other ideas? Cheers... Tom
  13. Hi all, I've got a NF4 Sli Ultra-DR Expert mobo. I've just bought a pair of Corsair TwinX DDR, PC3200 (400), 184 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered , CAS 2-3-3-6 RAM sticks to put into it - to make a total of 4. With any combination of 2 (in the orange slots), the mobo fires up fine. If I add the other two, the mobo seems to freeze on 3 LEDs. Anyone got any ideas? Tom
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