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  1. well also this card is nasty voltmodded and altered in so many ways lol ive pushed it way beyond its limits. do you think all the mods that were done might be a factor? it needed it owns seperate water cooler just to keep the temps down lol
  2. ok i loaded optimized defaults. and even lower my vid clocks to 570/570 from 600/600 and my att benchmark results came to 9533 over 1900xtx's 8212 so how accurate is this benchmark program? im pushin almost 1.8 volts to gpu and memory is at 2.55 , vddq at 2.25 volts
  3. all im using for cooling is just a zalman reserator 1 plus, and i have an after market water pump on it. also using kingwing aquastar water cooler for my vid card. havent tried 3d mark yet but check out my benchy for my x800xt http://usera.imagecave.com/soulless203/ATT...markResults.jpg but no i never had a 925 x board before. but im puttin together another rig and definitly going DFI just not sure what i want yet. and i im still puttin together the bois settings. ill post them once i get them together
  4. absolutly ill post all info very soon
  5. http://usera.imagecave.com/soulless203/cpu-4511.bmp.jpg ran 8 hours prime stable , will test longer later
  6. does anybody know what would be a good bios for my system and where i could get it?
  7. my pc just locks up for some reason. it happens intermitently. and usual does it when the pc is at idle. i have recently reformated thinking it might just fix it. but it didnt. ive loaded bios defaults. removed vid card volt mod. all OC turned off. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  8. im not much of an AMD fan as ive only owned intel. so i cant say anything about AMD. but it boils down to the fact ive had such good luck with intel . i have put my intel through some of the most intense overclocking boot camp. i have a 3.2 640 but before that i had a 530 prescott and is far from a great clocker. but did have it at 3.76 rock stable. in my opinion that as a pretty good clock considering the cpu. http://usera.imagecave.com/soulless203/cpu-3766.bmp.jpg i admit my first thought of an AMD is "AMD sucks i dont like AMD , intel is better" well i never owned an AMD. i know nothing about an AMD. A dog doesnt like things it dont understand, some ppl have very similar qualities. (not intended for anybody here). understand it before you bash it.
  9. cool well thanks for your help guys . its greatly appreciated
  10. its an nforce 3 board so i wont have any problems with it?
  11. was wondering if u have a mobo with nvidia chipsets can u use an ATI video card or vise versa?
  12. you might get better help by posting in the AMD section
  13. under load im only hitting 47 degrees C
  14. nevermind just figured it out. the 600 series chips throttle back to save power and keep the temps down. as soon as the system is under load,then shows actual specs.
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