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  1. I second all of the above suggestions. You need to test all your system components in another rig as well to rule out that they are causing this issue. This could very easily be a ram, cpu, or psu issue. Not likely its a video card issue.
  2. Yes sir, thats pretty much the way I do all CMOS flashes. Since back in the NF2 days. I believe my friend has a faulty board. He is ordering another OCZ600ADJSLI to test out the board on. If the board refuses to cold boot on the new psu, he is RMAing the board. Thats useless input.
  3. Not sure this is the typical cold boot issue we are all aware of, so instead of posting in the thread talking about that, I decided to post a new thread to get some input from other members that may have encountered this. I am not going to go into everything me and my friend tested, that would take way to long, but will give you the basic idea. Rest assured we spent hours thoroughly trying every single configuration possible before drowning our inability to make heads or tails of this in beer bottles. Me and him have a ton of hardware experience between us, and we were mystified frankly. Here are my specs: DFI Expert (12/07/05) A64 3500+ 2x512 Centon TCCD 3200 eVGA 7800GT OCZ600ADJ - OCZ 600W Adjustable (1 PCI-E) Friend's Specs: DFI Expert (12/07/05) A64 4400+ X2 2x512 G.Skill TCCD 4800 eVGA 7800GTX OCZ600ADJSLI - OCZ 600W Adjustable (Dual PCI-E) So, heres the deal. I have had no issues at all with my setup, but things are about to get weird. My friend powers on his rig last night amd it posts just fine. I recommended to him that he flash the bios regardless just in case the new bios fixes the cpu death bug. He flashes it and then reposts. Thing wont post to save his life - LEDs flash for split second then nada. He powers everything down, then tries several more times...no dice. Worried he has now killed his brand new cpu, he packs it all up and drives over to my house. To make sure that his other components are fine, we test them individually in my rig and everything checks out. We then put all his components on my motherboard and using my psu, posts just fine as well. Now, we were confused that once we put everything back on his board it wouldnt post. Hmmmm. We realized the only thing we didnt really check out thoroughly was his brand new psu. So, since he cant post again we stick my psu on his board and it fires right up. We then try to power up my rig with his supply and it fires right up as well. Staring at each other with this stupified expression, we put his supply back on his board and refuses to post. WTF?!?!?! We change them around again, my psu on his board and his psu on my board. Both systems fire right up no problem. Now thats very odd. Was initially thinking that this was a hardware compat issue between the psu and the motherboard as sometimes can be the issue, but cant be that as I can use his psu just fine. The good thing we did find out was that during some stress testing using his new components to make sure they were not damaged during all this, we got 2.7GHz right away on his dual core 2.2GHz chip. Saw 34K on 3DMark01 as well. He should see some nice scores on that thing once we get water on the cpu and vid card. Any input?
  4. Wow...this thread should be closed by a Mod. Zeimbo, if the item is indeed on eBay...then mark the thread as sold man.
  5. Although amp rating is important, frankly the 24A on the 12v rial isnt very high in comparison to what is recommended for a rig like yours. Most supplies will have 30A+ on teh 12v rail...taking into account the supplies are not SLI.
  6. Both components are going bad...GSkill and 7800GT. This sounds like another issue. Rare to have 2 go down like that without it being caused by something else bro. If ya didnt flash the 7800GT bios, do so with the stock nVidia clock speeds.
  7. If that Antec wasnt running things properly, then the unit is faulty. Its just as good, if not better, than the Enermax unit. If you still have the Antec, try this...better yet - try it even if you dont have the Antec. Put the ram in the orange slots only. That fixed all my problems. Also, have you flashed the bios recently? If not, be sure to update the bios. My 7800GT works great....boo on the x300.
  8. Post your ram in your sig bro. That is either a heat issue as you said, or even worse - video card or power supply issue. I have seen this in people's machines where they forgot to plug the power supply into the video card, or the power supply isnt adequte for the job. I wasnt aware there was a 12-25 bios file...thought the last one was 12-07.
  9. Hopefully G71 will take care of that, and DFI will have an answer to the A8N32.
  10. First off, have you flashed to the new bios? If not, do so. I have a feeling that will help. Keep in mind, I have read elsewhere that there is some odd problem with your power supply and the DFI boards. Try a different power supply to see if this changes things. Typically, if the 3rd light is on and the system shuts down this either can mean a ram issue or a cpu issue actually. I had a very similar issue not long ago. The LED would go down to the 3rd one and power down. My problem turned out to be a poorly mounted heatsink. I take it you have tried the ram in the orange slots?
  11. By original bios are you asking about bios settings, or referring to a bios file after you flash it? If you are talking about the settings, there is an option in the bios to set it to either Factory defaults or something along those lines.
  12. My understanding is that although a select few boards do allow 16x per card in SLI, there is virtually no difference in performance. Maybe something to do with how the current cards respond while in SLI mode. Not sure on this.
  13. Everyone is a little different, but the best thing to do is to set to the factory defaults before flashing. You should be fine...in fact, using WinFlash might be a good idea for a first time flasher.
  14. Right here love: Danger Den Linky Voyeurmods Linky #1 *What I like about this one is that it comes with fan mounting hardware, and I think its actually a DangerDen Shroud. Voyeurmods Linky #2 *Link to various Black Ice Shrouds
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