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  1. thanks lowboy for the clarification. I don't have raid now but i'm planning to do it after everything is stable.
  2. Hi LanceDiamond, i'm from Singapore and we have 30c ambient here thus the general higher temps. Regarding the GPU temp, i could have messed up. Was too confused yesterday because of the prime errors... It should be around 55c instead. (this is still hot but it's normal over here in Singapore) As for the hard disks, yes you are right, my case cover is off and i did observe the airflow for the hard disk area is not as good as it should be. But i don't think this should be a problem for now because HDD load temps is below 42c which is normal over here. I hope it's because of the AMD dual core driver because i didn't know it was required. Will try it later today.
  3. No i did not install the dual core driver. Is this absolutely required? Can i do it on a Win XP SP1 or do i need SP2? Sorry i'm a newbie to this.
  4. Hi pmorcos, my case is a Lian-li V2100B. Well i'm actually from Singapore and the ambient temp here is around 30c. I did up my vdimm to 2.9v but it's still the same. I also tried blowing a 50cfm 120mm fan at the NB but for some reason, it increases the temp by 1c. On the other hand, motherboard temp decrease around 2c. I will try a few different fans to bring down the temps. Thanks again.
  5. thanks Sp00nLude, yes i did install the nvidia IDE drivers. I will try uninstalling them tomorrow as it's 3am over here. Been trying to stabilise this thing for the whole day... Hmm just to clarify, is what you are refering the 'Nvidia IDE SW drivers' for RAID? Or do you mean the Nvidia PATA and SATA HDD controllers as well? If it is the Nvidia IDE SW drivers only, after removing this, can i still use Nvidia RAID?