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  1. Hey, JoeWho, It's not polite to threadcrap like that. It's not like I'm sitting here going around to every etailer. Please remove that post, pretty uncalled for. If you wanted to let someone know that, you send them a PM, you don't post that..Looks like your pretty new around here as well. Good to go...=) Don't you think I'm trying to look out for my fellow DFI'ers?? LOL... I've always tried to hook them up whenever I could...
  2. Well, thanks for the thread crap buddy... Now, next time, you might want to find out the facts. So, please edit your post. He did NOT Cancel right away...Hence why I paid the shipping already. Anywho, I'm not newegg, now am I. And, if you haven't noticed, if he sent the payment, and 2 days later, decided he didn't want it. The package would already be shipped. I'm not trying to take people's money, I have already paid for the shipping, and was waiting on an e-check to clear, until I shipped it out. But, he decided to cancel the day before it cleared.
  3. No, the packaging on the CPU actually doesn't allow for it to be seen with a camera, it's hard enough to see it just with your eyes. Also, I'm not going to be opening it, because it has a 60 day warranty on it. Ending in like, 53 days from now or something. So, you already know the stepping, I specified it in the description.. DarkStar02 I will be nice, and even though you paid me for the item, I will be refunding the money you sent me, minus the cost of shipping the item, which is around $15.00. So, I will be refunding you $260, and if you do not think that is fair, well, I'm sorry, but I'm already out money on this CPU, therefore, I'm not about to be out money that was going to be covered using the money sent, b/c you decided after sending me money, committing to the deal, that you did not want the item after all. At least this isn't newegg, where there would be a 15% restocking fee...that would equal $41.25.
  4. Look, the CCBWE 0550 steppings are basically a crapshoot when it comes to overclocking them. Some of them were good, and some were horrible...So, maybe you got one that's "in-between"
  5. Have you flashed to the latest BIOS?
  6. Yo, you'll have to give me a bit..I have been working 12+ hr days, until sunday...
  7. If y'all would have something closer to the MidWest, I might be able to make it...But, I can't take the time off of work, nor afford it right now. I have to pay off these PC's...LOL
  8. DarkStar, I would like to request you remove your Edit 2. You already backed out of the deal. I am not trying to scam anyone on this forum. I mentioned what my Opteron would do, I don't know about this one much at all. I have heard they can reach 2.6-2.8ghz, which all in all, is not bad. Considering the chip defaults at 1.8ghz. Oh yea, it's not one of the WORST Steppings you can get by the way, there are much worse steppings. So, do the homework before you start threadcrapping.
  9. Great coolers..I have one on my NF4 Ultra-D (modded to SLI for my 7800GT SLI) , and my CFX3200-DR
  10. Thanks man... Check out the prices over at SVC.com man..they got some good deals...
  11. Notice though, none of those have 1MB x 2 L2 cache, they all have 512 x 2...None of the 1mb x 2 chips are available with AMD anymore, except the Opteron's...
  12. good...Maybe someone can give me a crash course on that...I have no clue...
  13. Yea, I don't know how the hell to embed the attachments..oh well, just click the liky's..both posts are edited with links I guess...If that doesn't work, go here http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=12/33818522237.jpg&s=x11
  14. Seriously? I see it....? Ok, I tried doing the attachment thing..let me try again..I never used the attachment thing before, so I don't really know what I'm doing.. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...153763204[/img]
  15. Here's my Crossfire Rig...More to come when I take some of the SLI Rig as well.. And yes, for those of you wondering what I'm going to do with all the space. I'm going to be putting in watercooling in the next couple of months, when I get some time.
  16. Well, I can't remember if I posted my pic in here or not...But, for all those curious one's...Here's My Woman and I... I don't know if it's too large..if it is, I apologize... [ATTACH]4946[/ATTACH]
  17. So, I booted to windows last night on a suicide mission...to get to windows at 3.1ghz...Well, I did, but then I couldn't do anything, Just tried running some benches. Froze in the middle of the CPU test on 3DMark06... Maybe try again..But, 1.6v on air...and idle temp is still 29-30C..load 44-45C..w00t...Gotta love having a cold butt a/c unit!!
  18. Sounds good caffeinejunkie..I'll keep my eyes out for ya... As for now, that was the only one I had. DarkStar02, when your payment clears, I will send the chip to you.
  19. Well, let me know..It's been taken off of eBay...=) DarkStar, I'm not going to be selling the one I have..LOL..Nice try though..And no, I'm not going to open it and test it. Then it wouldn't be sealed and brand new...
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