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  1. Ok, I noticed some people are trying to get MBM 5 to work with the CFX3200-DR, has anyone had any luck?
  2. I didn't realize you were from Indiana...I'm in South Bend...I wish I had money to help out a fellow Hoosier! If you need spare parts...I've got some extra stuff layin around
  3. Zalman CNPS 9500 I'm currently using this on my Rig in my Sig.... Opteron 165 running at 3.024ghz (336x9) @ 1.375 * 114% = 1.5675 Vcore....Temps never above 44C..=) When Dual Primng.
  4. bump for a good seller...And..Sorry man..I feel your pain..
  5. All depends on what stepping his Opty is..My 175 doesn't do much. 216x11 stock vcore...Then, I can't out how to get it any further. But, oh well! My Opteron 175 is a CCBWE 0543...One of the crappiest!
  6. use the link in Happy_Games siggy and check out the fan filter's over at SVC.com..but make sure to use the link in his siggy..to help out DFI-Street.. Y/w Happy..=)
  7. I bought a PSP from him...Good seller!!
  8. You have to scrape of the epoxy covering of the two spots...use an exacto knife and Be careful. If you don't do this, you won't be able to bridge the two. Obviously, because they are covered in clear epoxy
  9. Well, I pretty much gurantee you that all CCBBE's and CCB1E's are great overclockers..I haven't heard of a single bad one of either. My CCBBE0610 is at 3.05ghz right now....OCDB Entry @ 3.006ghz (334x9) I wonder how mindflux is doing, trying to figure out the stepping..you alright ?
  10. 165's are marked at $255 on Monarch now.. I think they are shipping CCBWE's now...Probably out of CCBBE's
  11. I haven't really read through the whole thread, but I must be a lucky one. I haven't had any problems running 4 x 74gb Raptors RAID 0 on the ULI controller on my board...
  12. Every case requires a few mods to be near perfect, you know why? Because it's all the user's preference. The fans I have are good enough for now. I don't like black fans anyways, they're ugly. Yes, the case is on the floor for now, b/c I just moved a month ago. I am waiting to get a second PC desk. All my PC's utilize fan filters, so I'm very aquainted with cleaning them. It's better than having all that crap in the PC! I bought it from a guy here at the street...
  13. THanks bcbooter.. Airflow isn't too awfully bad. I leave filter on, to help keep dust from blowing in from when it isn't running. I don't like dust in my PC, so I have it on always. As for the Grill on the front of the rear fan, that was actually there when I bought the case. I bought it from a guy here at the street..
  14. Sorry bout making the duplicate thread...Thanks for catching that Soundx..I didn't even see this one!
  15. Null, you got my vote...The Orange on Black one is bad butt... Good luck to all..
  16. Well, I don't have any "mods," done on mine yet...Just have the window (want to cut my own out from the original side, so I bought the window in case I f'ed it up) But...I plan on a few things... The Stacker is probably my favorite case so far I have ever owned. I think it's amazing..Gotta love it (don't know if this is the place to post the pics of my Stacker..sorry if I threadjacked...)
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