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  1. Read what stepping it is, as I have provided it clearly. I don't know what it will do, because I have never opened it, nor have I installed it in any system. If you search around, you may find what it is capable of, but I can't find anything in the Opteron thread at Xtreme Systems. By the way, I don't know if you can get a 1mb x 2 L2 Cache Chip for this cheap Brand New!
  2. Can someone plz change the title to reflect the new price...Plz...=)
  3. Price lowered to 200 + shipping!!! It's a STEAL! EDIT: I have decided to include shipping @ $200!!!!! $200 SHIPPPED!! w00t GREAT DEAL
  4. What you need to do, is make a backup of your Original BIOS, then go over to www.mvktech.net, post your card's (Both Bios's if SLI), and ask them if someone can mod them for you. Make sure you post model number, and everything.. Then, you'll receive a new BIOS hopefully, then you have to create a floppy boot disk, and another disk with nvFlash v5.xx (whatever is newest), and then also save the Original Bios onto the floppy (write down names of them so you don't forget), and then also save the "New" Bios onto it as well...naming it a simple name. Then, you can use the commands below to flash the card(s) (And YES, you can do this while the are SLI'ed...w00t) Just make sure you see which characters below are changed to be able to tell the difference when Flashing SLI'ed Bios's. Commands... "nvflash -b -i0 oribios0.rom" (Backup Original BIOS Card#0) "nvflash -b -i1 oribios1.rom" (Backup Original BIOS Card#1) "nvflash -5 -6 -i0 newbios.rom" (Normal BIOS Flash Card#0) "nvflash -5 -6 -i1 newbios.rom" (Normal BIOS Flash Card#1) "nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i0 newbios.rom" (Forced BIOS Flash Card#0) "nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i1 newbios.rom" (Forced BIOS Flash Card#1)
  5. Yes, you can do it while it is SLI'ed.. I did..=) I also have an Opteron 175/7800GT SLI Rig as well....The only problem with overclocking in SLI, is it doesn't yields as good as results as when you overclock a single GPU...I wish you could overclock the cards, then SLI them..but ya can't. 225Slant.. Use the eraser and remove the pencil from the capacitor or whatever you put it on. I did the same thing, then erased it and it worked just fine.
  6. Ok, I have seen what I need, but I have searched for about 2 hours and to no avail. I am looking for what is included with this mousepad, so that I can attach some either CCFL's or LED's 12in tubes under the top shelf of my desk shown here, because I like to have the lights off when gaming/working/staring at the monitor : http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=3001848 So that I can see my keyboards. Does anyone know where I can get a power adapter like the one shown in the pics of this here pad : http://reviews.gameapex.com/gaming_h..._mouse_pad.php I can't find one...I don't want a USB powered light either, because I may want them on when the PC isn't. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks y'all!!!
  7. centy, I was thinking of something like a P-3C Orion airplane....maybe with an Navy Anchor or something as well.. using maybe this pic.. http://www.ndu.edu/nwc/nwcCLIPART/US_NAVY/.../P3COrion02.jpg
  8. And while your changing it out..might as well mod the Ultra-D to SLI !!! LOL
  9. Figured that was the case...well, $1000 it is..where do I send it? jk It's not to be cool Happy, I'm cool enough as it is....lol...It's so I stop getting confused because this is the only Forum with that name on it..lol...I got the nickname shortly after registering here...From my buds at the Naval Academy... Wait, I'll send you a dollar, since it would take about one minute for the change, it would be like working for 60 bucks and hour!!! LOL LOL
  10. Happy.. You da man...I can't member if I told you that I recieved them SATA cables about, 3 days after you got me in touch with Donna. Also, I found that 2nd PS2, if I can remember where I put it again..LOL..Still interested?
  11. Can anyone make me a sweet butt US Navy Siggy? I just got out, and I worked on P-3c Orion's...Thanks y'all!! preferably with some room to add linky's as well under it..=)
  12. 285 bucks for SLI 7900GS's, it can't be beat... too bad I have a Crossfire Rig and a 7800GT rig
  13. Here are the benchmarks for it.. : http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=3903
  14. Dang..I was just about to post this..=( This is what they call a "Woot Launch," meaning it's sold on woot, before consumers can usually get it, and for a cheaper price! Also, it is of MSI Flavor
  15. s10man69

    XFire Names?

    BrinNutz on Xfire... I play, CS:S, BF2, COD2, FarCry, FEAR..(mostly just BF2 though), I haven't played any of the other games in quite some time now.
  16. too bad about the bug man...bet it was a blast though...I'd love just to be able to see temps like that..lol
  17. Intake is probably the best way right now... I would suggest doing what I'm going to be doing soon...Spray painting the entire interior of your case...=)
  18. Good post man... I must say, been going through a tough time myself. I was attending the Naval Academy, then one day decided to just resign, and have been somewhat regretting the decision. Since my dream was to be a Naval Pilot...Which won't happen now. So, live and learn I guess!
  19. Both of mine, are sitting next to one of my monitors on my desk..Collecting dust, because I keep everything.. I have almost every box that everything came in. It's ridiculous.
  20. Welcome lil fella! Enjoy, there's a plethora of info around here...
  21. I can check the temps on GPU's, just don't want to go through ATI Tool everytime..I just want to be able to look on the desktop and see them ya know? Not trying to depress ya man..you know that..
  22. Roger that...=) Yea, I have 2 (well, really 5), pc's, and 2 of them both have dual core, and dual GPUs..one Crossfire, one SLI'ed 7800gt's
  23. Yea, I got it..w00t.. Now how do I get it to read both of my X1900's ??
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