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  1. This is starting to turn into more of a pain then it's worth. I may just paint it Metallic Silver, or try some of that "Chrome Paint" on another case of mine, and see how it turns out, and Clear Coat the hell out of it... Considering if the place can even do it, I'd have to go to the next county over and have it done.
  2. Blooz, you are right, chrome plating is hard to find. I have found some places that do "hard Chrome plating," but I'm leaning towards Nickel Plating. I just got off the phone with a company the next town over, and I had to email him the newegg linky to my Stacker 810. Hopefully it's doable! They probabaly think I am a turd or something..who would triple nickel plate a computer case?
  3. Ok, the "Kentucky Chrome" (no offense to y'all from Kentucky), as an auto body tech told me, would not be very shiny at all..so negate that
  4. I just think it would look f'in cool...but I just don't know... I was thinking of just doing the inside...But, theres only a couple place, both about 45 minutes away from me that can probably do it. So, who knows...BTW, I'd be getting everything chromed if I did do it, as in, the mesh drive bay covers...Maybe it's not really worth the pain. Anyone ever "Spray painted" the chrome paint on? I wonder if that would look fairly decent? As long as I added clear coat and such to it..
  5. I am thinking of seeing if it is even possible, to chrome my entire CoolerMaster Stacker case. I think it would look amazing! As in, Chrome Plating, where they dip it in Chrome... What do you think? I don't think it would cost entirely too much, but it's kind of for a competition for case mods. Do you think it's a good idea? Or is it just a plain jane excuse for a case mod?
  6. I just added a couple of items earlier...=) Also, Leave a bump if ya take a look please! Short list of items : Opteron 175 CCBWE 0543 Retail w/ Unused Stock HS - $360 Shipped CoolerMaster Blue Ice 2 Northbridge Cooler New, Never Installed!!! - $27 Shipped Vantec Iceberq 4 Cooler New Never Installed!! - $13 Shipped (2) Vantec UV Yellow Cable Sleeving - $8 each Shipped Evals Heatware Evals Ebay user ID is s10man69 Terms of Sales : No International Shipping Available. Check, MO, Paypal, Paypal accepted, I will not ship until payment is cleared. I will use USPS to ship, unless otherwise requested. Item(s) will be packaged properly, to ensure safe travels. :cool: I am Paypal Verified as well. :cool: I am located in South Bend, IN. I am currently looking for cash only, but may consider trades, PM Me with what you have. As far as trades go, I will not ship first, unless you have Extremely good Heatware, and have had no Negatives. WTTF: XBox 360 Anywho, on to the sale items! Opteron 175 CCBWE 0543 - Retail w/ Unused Stock HS $360 Shipped CoolerMaster Blue Ice 2 Northbridge Cooler - $27 Shipped!! Vantec Iceberq 4 Cooler New Never Installed!! - $14 Shipped (2) Vantec UV Yellow Cable Sleeving - $8 each Shipped Sold Items : Opteron 165 CCBWE 0608MPMW OEM $190 SHIPPED!!!..SOLD!!!! Enermax Liberty 500W PSU (In Box with everything) - $82 Shipped SOLD TO applejacks
  7. Opteron 165 Sold.. Can Someone please change thread title to "BrinNutz's For Sale/For Trade Thread" Thanks!! Updated list with other items...
  8. Someone is...LOL..it's pending over at [H]ard..
  9. PM replied to... LOL techno...I wonder how well this chip will clock though..hmmm
  10. Looks good cat..just got done checkin the whole thread's pictures and such. I have one question for ya : If I remember reading right, you're going to use the 2x120mm Rad for the GPU's, and the triple Rad for the CPU.. I'm just curious why you wouldn't have, say, the GPU's on the triple, since there's double the amount of heat..compared to the CPU...But, that's just a thought I had, so I figured I'd ask.
  11. Anyone happen to get to the one I asked about yet, early last week I think??
  12. Man...This is gonna be tough to pay rent...oh well.. C'mon, someone's gotta want one of these...I am already losing my butt on the price of this thing. I bought it a couple of months ago b4 the big price changes.... I hate to sell it, b/c I wanted a backup. But I need the cash...hard times right now..=(
  13. Ok...=) Unless ya put money down for me to hold it..it's going to stay on the market though...=) Bumpppppppppp
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