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  1. Hey, I asked about a month ago, can someone make me a US Navy related siggy? I worked on the P-3C Orion aircraft....if that helps...
  2. Yup..I bought mine at 1:01...LOL..I should have bought another one...Oh well
  3. Sold Out! Razer Diamondback Chameleon 1600dpi Gaming Mouse TODAY ONLY $19.99+ $5 shipping www.woot.com This is a great deal, get it before it's gone!!
  4. bump...added the new Vantec UV Sleeving kits
  5. You need a Crossfire Master to run Crossfire. No, you can't run 2 X1900XT's in Crossfire...
  6. ATI cards can do AA and HDR, where Nvidia's can only do one or the other... And "that", is the Crossfire Master Card you have pictured. That is where you connect the Crossfire Dongle, which then connects to the othre "Slave" Card, which then connects to the Mobo..
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