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  1. Yes, the bridge is a good thing to use, otherwise, without it, you lose some of the bandwith between both cards on the PCI-E lanes....
  2. LOL...no...I think I was going to start a new sentence, then decided not to...anywho..I guess I'll just call TT and get some...
  3. He said it was packed tightly when He fit everything into the box...but, guess not...
  4. Got it off HardForum, and he didn't respond yet.. Well, story was, he sold me a TT Pump, Waterblocks...Hose...and Rad, for 47 bucks..good deal, but since there was no packing material, the pump broke, so he refunded me 12 bucks...Fair enough..but he hasn't responded yet since I've asked if he had the connectors or not..=(
  5. I did...but each barb is 2 bucks...So I figured that someone would have them leftover, if they happened to use the 1/4" ones, since it came with both...
  6. YEs, those connectors...I guess I'll have to do that then...ugh...
  7. What I need is the Barbs for the Waterblocks, that screw into the waterblocks themselves, providing me with 3/8" hose connectors to the blocks.. Thanks btw t_ski! BTW, what's NPT for..National Pipe Thread? That's what google said anyways, and what part is NPT?
  8. Really? Which one do you live by, the one in Elkhart, or Main St. Mishawaka? BTW, dr...If you're good with metal, I'm going to be building my own case...Wanna help? It's for my watercooling setup, so I wanted to make a custom box, along with custom mounts for everything, so I wouldn't have to deal with the crappy pc cases HDD bays, and . like that
  9. Alrighty y'all, I need a huge favor. If anyone here has 6-8 extra CPU/VGA waterblock barbs for the ThermalTake Waterblocks, I need them fast, as I bought a used kit, and the guy kept those connectors I guess. So, I need some for the CPU Block and the VGA Block, as well as 2 for the Radiator, and probably 2 more for another Rad that I have.. Thanks, and I'm needing these soon, as my computer is SOL until I find some of these. Thanks!
  10. How does it get juice? Plug in to the wall or what? I'm curious
  11. Just so ya know, I'm going to be making something, similar to yours, only I'm going to build a case from scratch, using sheet metal and some angled stuff
  12. Hmm...I don't know how having two threads will fair with the mods
  13. ygpm by the way I really need that pump...LOL..Out of commission rig until I get a new one..=(
  14. Good guy here y'all...I'd buy it, if I had a use for it...
  15. Damn, it was 153 last night when I checked, I was gonna buy too...Oh well, saved the money. I got lucky once, out of two tries.
  16. Probably PSU...My best guess
  17. Bump.. been working alot, but now I've got time again..back up!
  18. Sold him his X1900XTX...Good buyer, so I'd would venture to say he's a good seller..=) w00t
  19. I want one...I need a pad bad, and have been waiting to buy one. I may just go buy another soon, if we can't get this in the next couple weeks. My desk is getting scratched to . without one...=(
  20. I'm wondering, did you ever try dropping the CPU multi, and upping the FSB? I did that on my Opteron 175, which wouldn't hit 2.6 with the x11 multi (It's a crappy CCBWE 0543), but I got it to windows at that, with a x9 multi... That dam chip would only do 2.4ghz on stock vcore, and that was it. Never would do anything more, no matter the volts. Maybe I should go play with it some more. It's in my SLI system now...Which I hardly use.
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