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  1. I put on the EverCool VC-RE Cooler and it dropped my temps well below what I expected.
  2. I've also didn't have any problems with this board, but after about 2-3 months of no probs on my 4 Raptors RAID 0 on the ULI controller. Then it started with, after POST, waiting for approximately 1 minute until the dang Windows Loading screens starts with the bar moving across it, then the login screen, then windows, with some freezes upon loading. Now, like I said at the top of the page. I used DBAN (Derrik's Boot and Nuke) program, to completely erase the HDD's of everything. Then, I load windows with ney of a problem. Now, I have the same problem, and, I'm using the new ULI drivers instead of the 5/23's.... This is ridiculous. I think I may sell this board and go to ASUS...Even though I don't want to, looks like DFI has left me no other choice. I'm sad to say it, as I have loved DFI boards...but I think this one is the straw that may have broke the camel's back for me on this one. If a company can't provide good enough support for a product, then there is no point for me to even chance having that problem again
  3. Sooo....I figgin cleaned my drives with DBAN, and just installed Windows using the f6 drivers for the ULI Raid on dfi's site I can't find the 5/23 ULI Drivers ANYWHERE!!! HELP, and I'm getting a 1 minute time until windows logo even appears, and I don't even have anything installed!!!
  4. how much would that be? and how big is the whole..is it pretty bad?
  5. I only ran the thing for 4 minutes, then I hit power button. Wish I could run a computer shop...i can't even get a job at one....and I'm 24...Don't understand it Anwyho, I'm going to try the ultimate boot cd's uneraser proggiie, and see. I plugged it into my other puter, and it didn't show up in my computer..so, don't know if it will work or not.
  6. sweet...i just erased my b/u disc too..using that f'in dban crap...******* great you know, my music, pics, setups, everything...F'IN GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ok, I have been getting some hiccups here and there now for the past month or so.. On startup, it takes, probably 30 seconds just to get to the little windows icon with the status bar showing windows is loading..the one right after post. Then, when windows finally loads, it loads my stuff up, then freezes for about 3-5 seconds (mouse disappears) and then everything runs. If I shutdown/restart soon after loading windows, there's no hang up, but if I am folding, or playing games, It takes about 1-2 minutes just for the selection screen to come up to choose whether I want restart/shutdown/log off/sleep. Then another 2-3 minutes after finally selecting, until the computer shuts off on it's own... Could this be a driver problem? and how would I check. It used to work just fine and dandy...that's what I don't get. And where can I get the 12/23/05 ULi BIOS from? Or is it the one on the Disc that came with the board?
  8. I don't think so bobby...I wish I had one for this setup ready..
  9. I need a pump for my H2O setup, well, one of the 3.... I am looking for a ThermalTake P500, but I am open to other offers...Especially on a ThermalTake pump. This setup has 2 ThermalTake blocks, so, I'm looking for a Tt setup, but I will def. take another pump. It must have 3/8" Barbs. Thanks!!
  10. bumpy...I don't have a job anymore (as of this morning), so any help would be appreciated anymore...
  11. Also, would like to get ahold of 2 x Thermochill Double Rads....Either series is fine..
  12. It's dr_bowtie and I..I will tell you this about the Case Mod for this competition, it is very patriotic, and a tribute to many who are lost... We are looking for the the Danger D5 or Swiftech 655 for very low prices. Also, We need 2 x Black Ice Pro (or Extreme) 120.2 Radiators...Thanks y'all!! Thanks again everyone, hopefully you can help make this project possible, and we will give you props when the project is done...
  13. Sweet, I've been wondering wth this was from...Does it on mine too.. It doesn't shut off the LAN ports does it?
  14. You should probably make a sig...before the mods get after ya...
  15. Roger wangerin...I have a new pump, the Swiftech MCWP350 or whatever it is.... The WaterBlocks themselves look like they will restrict flow, but that's no matter. I'm installing this W/C setup on my skt 754 machine with a 6800GT(AGP), just to practice, cuz I don't want to install my W/C setup on my Crossfire rig, until I at least somewhat konw what I'm doing.. BTW, I just bought a DELL 2407...
  16. Shrouds basically attach to the radiator, and then to the fan. You can find some here : I believe they make some for each style Radiator (I forgot which one your going to be using). http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?...7&cat=76&page=1 That's for a double Rad, and can anyone tell if you can only use that for the ThermoChill Rad's, or for any Rad...I thought it was Any Dual Rad..Thanks!!
  17. Curty, you have the 3/8" barbs for the Aquarius and the CPU Block? Sweet!!
  18. Don't forget the Fillport Resevoir...It's just cool..=) Also, depending on where you plan on mounting the Rad, you'll need a shroud..And some good fans. Make sure you get shrouds though, so you can mount the fan at least an inch from the Rad, to avoid the dead spot in the center of the fan.
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