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  1. Ok, cause I can't find anywhere where it says that they have 2 SATA connectors, and on the ocz site i think it only says it has one 12v rail, so I guess I'm wrong eh?
  2. What about the 2 SATA connectors? how would I go about hooking up both of my HDD? And dual 12V rails?
  3. Ok, I'm thinking about getting an OCZ psu for my DFI Ultra-D, but I noticed that they only have one SATA connector, I didn't want to have to get an extra connector for them, is there any PSU's that have, 24 pin, 2 pci-e connectors for an eventual SLI setup, 2 SATA connectors, 1 for fan controller and extra lcd, 1 dvd rom, 1 dvd-rw and floppy? And also dual 12V rails? Thanks! I've been looking at all of the psu's on the list and haven't quite found any, unless I havent been reading right. Thanks!
  4. Critter, Did you just pick up the 24-pin connecto and use that? I'm going to have to run it that way for a month or so, so I'll be good to go til then? Thanks
  5. Ok, I've been looking for a little while and can't seem to find a compatible list of PSU's with the nf4 Ultra-D mobo. I don't think mine will work, but I'm not sure, if you know if it will, please let me know. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  6. I was wondering, I have Kingston HyperX DDR400 1gb kit at 2-3-2-6 and Corsair XMS Platinum 1gb kit at 3-3-3-8 (i know, its horrible but i didn't know what i was doing when i bought them) and was wondering if either will work in the DFI LP nF4 Ultra-D. I searched the thread for hyper x, but found nothing on them, although I did see that it said they would not work in Sharps first post on the thread. Was wondering if anyone might have had any luck...thanks oh yea, I wouldn't be mixing and matching the kits, i already know about that..
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