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  1. YAY!!!! Sorry took me so long to get back. Been Busy!! Lookin good over here!!
  2. Hey chef, most PSU's have the 8pin..but, usually it's broken up into 2 x 4pin that can be clipped together.
  3. Hmm, there are more connectors I believe. Read the manual there's a pic. I don't know where it is on here, but there's pics of them. What PSU are you using?
  4. Ok, so you want to reset all the values? Flashing will not "hose" your rig. I've done it several times, on this board and my Ultra-D... I never used nTune, but I couldn't imagine it actually changing BIOS settings for good. Put it this way, can you get into BIOS or not?
  5. Have you properly hooked up all the power connectors to the motherboard? Also, with the CD Drive, make sure you have the IDE cable plugged in properly and not flipped around (I think that may be causing that issue, but can't remember for sure)
  6. Hey, if you haven't found the little LED strip for the front of the case like KIT had...check out the auto parts stores for something like that. You may have to mod it slightly, but I get switches (LED and non LED) from auto stores, esp. when they have them on clearance.
  7. I aquire things. And, I need the money more than I need a new case. I can't use Mid-ATX anymore. I need full tower cases. Will never go back to the small boys.. LOL
  8. One sold..The other is up for sale now!! Same price since it's only been opened to take the pics!!
  9. different spelling, but my first name is the same as the first part of ur name..so free bump 4 u!
  10. Any idea on that DDC Acrylic Top...to US Zip 46619
  11. how much for that last top shipped to US zip 46619? Pm me...I want one if price is right
  12. SOLD!! BOTH ARE SOLD!! I have up for grabs currently, one Lian Li V1100 Plus II Brand New in the box. $250 Shipped using 2 or 3 day DHL w/ Tracking (My choice). I don't need it, so I'm going to sell it. I have opened one of the two, to try and decide if I want to keep one of the two or not. I have opened one to actually see what a Lian Li case looks like, and OMFG, it is a beautifully crafted case. I love it, at least the interior. I don't know how I feel about the exterior (read, front of this case). But, I dig the insides. You will be receiving the case in the box, with all accessories since it's brand new..LOL Lowest Price on Froogle from a place I've heard of is $225 + Shipping using 3 day UPS ($59.60) = $284.60 and that is from CoolerGuys http://www.coolerguys.com/llpc1100ii.html Heatware is s10man69 Paypal, MO, Check...whatever...As long as it clears, then I will ship..
  13. I'd get a different case..but that's me And a G7 mouse..not a G5...
  14. I love my SKYHAWK Case, it's not my main case, but....I still love it..19.99 when I got my +3500 from the egg a year ago!! I'm modding it right now...want me to post up a worklog here @ the street?
  15. I don't know if they do or not..Any word on this? I have an AA0
  16. Will you let me know if you decide to part, I'm interested in the D655, GT Stealth 240mm Rad, and the mcw-60 w/ ramsinks
  17. Great news!!! I am now getting lockups, and everything...m288 errors in event viewer..never happened before though..guess I need to find the old drivers I was using...f'in a
  18. Like I said before, I said I think I may be done. The next board I buy, I won't buy it brand new, I'm going to wait and watch the forums for the reaction and performance. Then I'll decided. I've never owned anything other than DFI's, (Except for a computer the military issued to me).
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