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  1. I don't believe that the Opteron's are getting a price drop. I have not seen it on any of the Price lists... Someone correct me if I'm wrong... And yes, this is the best possible price on these... It isn't bad? These chips are normally 310 bucks!! It's a great deal! Just hope you get an awesome stepping like I did!
  2. I've just broken the 3ghz barrier last night as a matter of fact. 334x9 on my opty @ 1.488Vcore... And, I can guranteed you it will be in the OCDB here sometime, whenever I can let it prime for 8 hrs straight...Stopped it just shy of 5 today to try and up the FSB Some more.. And yes, Happy, I agree with Stability..Even though right now I only really need the speed for the Wars...I'm probably going to just find a stable speed, like 334x9, and run my benchies on there. I don't want to risk damage when I've already gone 1.2ghz higher than stock!
  3. At 334x9 on my Opty 165 I get around 28.16 seconds I think
  4. I still don't understand why you couldn't hook me up..
  5. I've got my CCBBE 0610 at 334x9 1.48 vcore..w00t... Dual Priming right now. Thanks for rubbing it in Big...
  6. Thanks for the move...thought it might have belonged here...oops.. I've got her at 323x9 @ 1.325*107.2% right now.... I don't know what I did, but whatever it was, worked!! =)
  7. Hmm....I thought I checked that, maybe I have the mobo connectors mixed up or something. I don't know...Don't know how to figure out which is the right one though...
  8. I'm hitting 305x9 stock vcore on mine right now...I'm trying to figure out how to go more..=)
  9. Here's a recent coupon code, and I don't know how long it will last!! http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=120339 Coupon Code : 71406-120339 $310 Opteron 165, brings it to $230! 2 Day Shipping is only 5.79 as well!! Get 'em while they're hot!! I got one last week, and it was a CCBBE 0610...
  10. Well, now that I've finally got everything going nice and well on my system, it has become time to overclock. I have been oc'ing it the past few days. I have an Opteron 165 CCBBE 0610, as you see in my sig. I can boot into Windows @ 305x9 with stock Vcore and it's Stable (I'm going to finish the benching pics and posting tonite of the OCDB). I am running the 5/23/06 BIOS (best one I've used so far) Now, I can get into Windows at 307x9, stock vcore, but it's not stable. So, I up the Vcore, have tried upping it all the way to 1.59v. The puter won't even restart with anything over 310 FSB, no matter what I do. What could be the cause of this? I have read OCZ Tony's CFX3200 Guide over at BleedinEdge.com, but still have no luck. I have upped the NB voltages, SB voltages, set My RAM on a 1:2 divider just to make sure that's not what it was. Now, as for my PSU, here are the voltage reading, it's currently dual priming at 305x9, as per SmartGuardian, and the reading are : ATX +12v : 12.22V ATX +5V : 4.83V ATx +3.3V : 3.16V These seem a little low, I don't have a multimeter to check them, so don't ask. So, here are my questions: 1) Is this a motherboard problem, and are other's having trouble when they up the VCore? 2) As with other DFI Boards, I assume it's better to use the %vcore, rather than setting it straight to a voltage, correct? 3) Could this be related to the low reading's from my PSU, or is that not a factor?
  11. Sorry, someone made it for me, I thought it was within limits..My bad for not checking man!
  12. Cuz that still costs money...Well, if they could afford to send you 10 bucks for shipping, then that'd be hilarious!
  13. I got that same PM yesterday Reel!!! WTF?
  14. read Driver Cleaner Pro's read me file and follow the instructions correctly.Don't skip any steps!
  15. How?>?!?!?!?!?!? You cannot just mention that, and not tell us how, that's just wrong! lol BTW, my CCBBE 0610 that I got last week for $260 is currently priming at 307x9 stock vcore..=)
  16. I have just ordered 2 vf900-CU LED's for like 43 bucks a piece or so. So, I don't know yet, those are for my 7800GT SLI Rig...Just want to try them out and see how well they work. I heard the Accelero's are pretty good also...But, from the looks for it, the VF900-CU looks to be putting up good numbers from what I've seen... And yes, the VC-RE is a darn good Chipset cooler, dropped my temp on both my CFX3200 and Ultra-D considerably! You will have plenty of room, it's the same size heightwise as the stock DFI cooler
  17. Like me...I ran a single X1900XTX on an Ultra-D for about 5 months..then just now (couple weeks ago), switched over to Crossfire. So, why buy a lower model, when I have this. It doesn't actually get clocked down at all, but it still runs at full speed, sometimes it just has to wait for the other card to catch up. That is how I've understood it anyways.
  18. is the PCI-E power connector from your PSU hooked up to your Vid Card?
  19. Make sure you outlet has power, and/or your surge protector is turned on..
  20. Ok, when the PSU is connected to the wall, and the Switch on the PSU is turned on, without turning on the MOBO, are there any orangish/yellowish led lights on the Ultra-D that are lit up? The PSU does not need to be running to do this, just needs to be switched on.
  21. Hit the setting button in bottom right corner, then use drop down to select Fan Controls, then it's in there
  22. Ok, I've even done this, and I've built a lot of pc's...I've left the power cord that plugs into the wall, unconnected to the PSU, and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't booting...I felt pretty dumb when I realized it was that. But, just to make sure, you do have it connected to the outlet and the PSU right?
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