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  1. You sound very attached to your unused heatsink. I don't think that it would be right for me to separate you two. Might get rather expensive.


    Well, I was going to use it in a build..LOL, that's why, but its taking a bit longer than expected.



  2. Bump for you - didn't realise you were over here too :)


    I'm everywhere!!! hehe..


    I linked your thread on [H] to a guy on PCPer who's looking for a cheap setup. Hope he buys from ya...


    Much appreciated. Thanks!!


    up up and away she goes...


    Thank you sir. Now, is that my thread going up, or is that you..LOL









    And now, BUMP!!!!!!! :cool:

  3. Edit:

    I have included the names of the people for my references so that I know who is in line for what and who to contact if the original sale falls through!!



    This is just the tip of the iceberg, I'm going to probably be selling both my SLI Rig and my Sig Rig!! Probably, but I’m going to try not too!!! But, I have no money, so this is what it comes down to I guess.


    More item's will be added!!


    Alrighty y’all, I am now broke because of my job and I have to sell all this stuff I have laying around. I held out as long as I could to try and not resort to this, but alas, I am out of money.


    Shipping will be via DHL, unless your item is very small and light, I will then us USPS Priority!

    All Prices Include Shipping!! (Unless otherwise noted)


    Payment will be by either non-CC Paypal, Check, or Money Order. If you pay by anything other than Paypal, I will wait until payment is recieved, and payment is cleared before I even think about shipping. That could take anywhere from 3-7 Business days.


    I will likely ship out items on Wednesday's, and possibly one other day during the week when I'm not working at my dead end job making next to nothing.


    Heatware is under s10man69 (26-0-0)



    Ebay Feedback is under s10man69 as well.


    I am known as BrinNutz on Overclock.net, [H]ardForum.com, and TheRaptorPit.com.

    I am known as s10man69 on diy-street.com (old username).


    I will be selling pretty much everything I have for now.


    All Prices are somewhat negotiable!!! But, lowball offers will be ignored!!!


    Items are first come first serve, no matter on what forum. You will be notified if someone PM’ed me prior to yours.


    More pics can be taken, let me know if you want more and of what!!


    In case of a problem with the merchandise, buyer will be responsible for return shipping thereupon which I will issue a refund.


    AMD Athlon 3500+ Venice Core 2.2ghz Socket 939

    I ran this for about 5-6 months at 2.6ghz Stable. Stepping is LBBWE 0528. Included in the original box with original heatsink (never used)



    ThermalTake Fanless 103 CPU Heatsink. (I don’t know if I have all the hardware, will have to do some digging if someone becomes interested) $15


    Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Series Rev. 2. $10







    Pics of mostly everything

    (The ThermalTake stuff in these drawers is not of my Bigwater Kit, that's in the Box right now)









    Swiftech MCP-350 Water Pump with Micro-Res and Alpha-Cool top. I have installed the AlphaCool top, but the original top is included along with a modded stock top. I have only used this in a leak test once for a couple hours. (Alphacool Top has never been used!)

    $105 (Pump, Res, AlphaCool Top, Extra Modded Top)




    A.C. Ryan RadGrillz Stripes Triple Radiator Machined Grill. Brand New.

    Same as this one : http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2665/flc...tml?id=HssjADdh



    ThermoChill PA120.1 Single 120mm Radiator. Used for leak testing once. Has a couple blemishes (slight scratches, I think).

    (Edit 21 Feb 2007) Already has the Thermochill Neoprene Gasket installed, and will ship with a PA 120.1 Shroud. Just found it today!




    Double HeaterCore with 3/8” barbs. $25


    Double 80mm Blue Radiator (no barbs) FREE, JUST PAY FOR SHIPPING!!


    Danger Den TDX Copper w/Lucite top for AMD64 754/939/940 w/ ½

    barbs. NEW!



    Danger Den Maze 4 GPU Block Used. I cleaned it out thouroughly by taking it apart and soaking it in white vinegar and scrubbing it all out. ½” barbs Perfect Seal Barbs.

    $30 for the used one I cleaned up


    Danger Den Fillport. Of the black variety. $10 Shipped


    3.5” Resevoir.

    $7 Shipped


    PC ICE 32oz UV Blue NON-Conductive Fluid. New, Never Opened.

    $18 a piece





    Zalman VGA Ramsinks x 16



    I have fittings, clamps, o-rings and other stuff out the wazoo….I have t-lines, plastic barbs, brass barbs, ½’ barbs, 3/8” barbs, you name it, I pretty much have it.

    These are for sale only if you buy something else, so I don’t have to pay for shipping on these.

    Stainless Steel Hose Clamps $.25 a piece 3/8” diameter tubing

    ½” T-Line Poly $1.25

    ½” Black NAPA Auto parts T-Line $3.00

    Brass fittings (Barbs) - $1.50

    ½” Poly fittings (elbows, barbs, reducers) - $1.00



    Misc. Electronics

    Garmin ETrex Handheld 12 Channel GPS Reciever– $60 Shipped

    Item is used but in EXCELLENT Condition. I have the manual as well.

    Same as this one for $80 @ Circuit City, and this is the lowest price I found from a trusted store.



    Sold Items :

    To Dutt1113 @ [H]:

    Primochill Typhoon Dual 5 1/4" UV Blue reservoir

    $25 Shipped


    To DanSan @ [H]

    (2) Swiftech CoolSleeves ½” UV Blue stuff. One is unused other is missing less than 11” of it. They are 40” sections.

    $2.50 new unused piece

    $2.00 used piece


    To DanNEBTD @ OCN:

    One New Danger Den Maze4 Acetal Lowpro w/6xxx & 7xxx mounting brackets. ½” barbs Perfect Seal Barbs.

    $42 for the new one.


    To todd258 @ OCN :


    ThermalTake Bigwater 745 Fresh from RMA. I have leaked test it prior to RMA, CPU Block leaked. So, the rad’s have been used for a few hours just cyclying water through them. Pump as well. RMA Included new Coolant bottle (Unused) and new tubing and a new CPU Block (Which had been the culprit of the failed leak test).



    To triggerc @ OCN :

    One bottle - PC ICE 32oz UV Blue NON-Conductive Fluid. New, Never Opened.



    To troisanh @ [H] :

    Danger Den D-5 Water Pump. I’ve never even installed this or used it!


    Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox external radiator mounting kit (Have mounted this before, so it’s “used” I guess).



    To t_ski @ diy-street.com :

    Danger Den Fillport. Both are of the black variety. $10 Shipped


    Danger Den Fillport Resevoir. I have one of these and I believe it’s ½” barb on it. $12 Shipped


    crazymonkee84 @ OCN :

    20ft. of ½” ID Clearflex 60 Tubing. At least that’s how much was there when I bought it, and I haven’t touched it, LOL. If there isn’t 20ft when I go to measure, I’ll let you know.

    $20, will not cut

    ½” Plastic Tubing clamps - qty. 10 for $5.00


    To lilneel12 @ [H] :

    Swiftech MCW60 GPU Block with Swiftech Ramsinks. $35 Shipped Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Series Rev. 3 . $13


    To beret9987 @ OCN :

    Black Ice Pro 120.3 Triple 120mm Radiator w/ ½” Barbs. $40


  4. Well, if you do get it working, and then want to OC, you may want to try this :

    (From another forum where they quoted here..LOL)


    He left his Vcore on Auto & only changed his Special VID control to achieve a higher actual Vcore. He was still able to get a high OC with a higher then stock Vcore with none of the problems associated with C&Q switching the Vcore. As long as the underclock is stable at the undervolted Vcore + Special VID it was fine

  5. Thx Mack27 :cool:


    Ya it is the only game that does it & it only does it when I set BF2's sound to ultra High. I have the latest patch for the game ( 1.41 ) & the latest drivers for my sound card which is the one that comes with the cd. So I guess I'll have to leave the sound set to high.


    The latest drivers would be the ones from their website....

  6. It may be that the difference between the -AR and -BR is that the latter of the two may very well be the latest revision of the card, since you said many other people were having problems with it as well. That's what I'm going to bet. Correct me if I'm wrong though please!

  7. It may be that the difference between the -AR and -BR is that the latter of the two may very well be the latest revision of the card, since you said many other people were having problems with it as well. That's what I'm going to bet. Correct me if I'm wrong though please!

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