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  1. Pen and paper is what I plan to use although I probably remember most of the settings anyway. I just thought it might be easier to swap the BIOS chips than to reflash the factory BIOS to the one I'm using.
  2. Thanks for the help. Could I just swap the BIOS chips on the boards? I'm sure I have a different BIOS version loaded than what comes from the factory? I would guess when you remove the chip from power everything would go back to the defaults, but that is no big deal. At least that way I could copy my settings and have the same BIOS version already loaded.
  3. I've never actually swapped a motherboard out for another one just like it. I have a DFI NF4 SLI DR that I am RMAing and replacing. When I replace the board for the new one and have all the jumpers set the same and everything from the original board plugged in exactly the same, will I have any problems with finding new hardware? Except for the BIOS revision and settings shouldn't the computer just keep running like nothing ever happened?
  4. My motherboard is about 10 months old and the SPDIF sound just quit working. I fooled with the connections and uninstalled and reinstalled the nvidia drivers and it worked again briefly and the quit again. I think it is a problem with the sound module. Is there a way I can get a new motherboard or a rebuilt motherboard from DFI and pay for it and RMA my current motherboard after I get the replacement. Everything works fine but the sound. I would like to be able to keep using the computer instead of sending off the motherboard and waiting for them to fix or replace it.
  5. I'm not really sure if this is a USB problem but I thoght someone here might be able to help. I use a gyration wireless mouse(USB) and it works perfect when surfing the net or in most any 2d application. When I load a game such as Quake 4 or Fear the mouse curser responds poorly. It is very slow and sometimes choppy and lags. This can be very irritating when playing games. I would guess that the game is using a resource that the wireless usb mouse is sharing. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem? I'm thinking the USB receiver is getting less power when the video card is using more power. It seems that when I go into 3D mode the range decreases. Is this likely because the video card power draw affects how much power is output to the USB ports? Would increasing the chipset power also increase the power that gets to the USB ports?
  6. I looked really hard to find the pin. I was going to try exactly this and I agree that it would probably work fine.
  7. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know if it works when I get it back from the jeweler. I couldn't stand it. I just ordered an Opteron 150 BNBOX Next Day. I hope they ship it today. Boy, these opterons are getting hard to find. I'm going to leave the lid on this one and I can keep playing with the first one when I get it back.
  8. Thanks for the help. I was overanxious and took it to a jeweler. If I had waited I would have sent it in to the repair guy but that was not posted yet. The jeweler has the laser and thinks he can fix it but said it would be a couple of days. He will probably charge me $100. I think I will NDA a X2 and play with that a while. Can I just put an X2 in without any changes and everything will be back up and running? I'm still new to AMD.
  9. Sounds like a good idea but where can I get a pin?
  10. I decided to take the plung last night and remove my IHS. I followed others directions as best I could and removed the IHS in about 20 minutes without any internal damage. I used the piece of foam that the CPU came with to cover the pins while I cut the seal. I was so focused on cutting that I did not pay close enough attention to the pins. Well I bent a few. I got the magnifying glass out and began to straighten them with success, when I noticed a blank round solder base without a pin. It is one on corner that inserts closest to the front of the board on the memory side. I thought I would try the chip anyway so I got the pins straight and inserted the chip into the MB. I have the MB outside the case but connected to essentials. The computer booted up fine. I don't have the CD hooked up yet because the cable won't reach, but I hooked up the floppy drive. The floppy is recognized but doesn't work. The other problem I'm having is with my wireless keyboard and mouse. It works OK if you are very close the to USB connected receiver(Gyration KB& mouse). The range is gone. I think the pin has something to do with I/O. Would it be possible to solder another pin on. I have a little soldering iron but I need like a micro type soldering device. I also need a pin as I can't find the missing one. I put the IHS on top of the CPU with some AS5 without attaching as I have a clip on fan. The temps are down from around 35 to 37 idle to 28 idle. Also they are down from 53 to 55 load to 45 to 48 load. It doesn't seem to clock better though but I have not really tested enough to determine this for sure. It seems like 2.65 to 2.7 is about the P95 stable limit. I haven't raised the CPU voltage yet so it may do a little better with more voltage. Right now I am just worried about how to get the pin back and put it on. Any ideas? Buy another chip? Why didn't anyone warn me?
  11. If you are getting stereo sound over the digital coax then I think everything on the computer end is probably working correctly. This means your SPDIF if outputting and you said you had the 5:1 box checked. If you are connecting to a 5:1 amp and the speakers are set up correctly then everything should work. What about your DVD playback software? Are you using NVidia nforce audio drivers?
  12. Not sure what you are asking but it looks like you've lost your sound. You don't say how you have it connected or what you have it connected to. Analog or digital? Check in control panel Sound and Audio and see if you can generate a sound. Under volume tab you should be able to adjust the slider if everything is working right. Under sounds tab you can test the audio. Under audio tab see what default device driver you are using.
  13. I had a similar problem but with just one 74 gig raptor. I installed XP and was running and then the computer would not recognize the HD. I also got the disk boot failure message. I had the CD/DVD on IDE 0/1. I tried hitting esc and it would still not recognize the drive. I finally unplugged the CD/DVD and the SATA drive was back again and then replugged the CD/DVD and all is well.
  14. Are you connected with digital coax to the SPDIF out on the rear panel? If so maybe you don't have the 5:1 turned on. Check under sounds and audio in Control Panel and make sure you have it set to 5:1.
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