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  1. I could not get my to 300, it would make it to 297 at 1T 2.5-4-4-8, anything above that would not even be stable with 2t, 3-5-5-10. So I decided to do 9x275 DDR550 and I started at 2.5-3-3-7 and am going to tighten those timings. This is a good TCCD guide: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=57317
  2. My chip can do 2.5+ but it needs 1.6v, so I was shooting for 2.4-2.5ghz on 1.45-1.55v. I cant get my memory controller to do DDR600+ (300x8), so I gave up on that last night. So now im shooting for the DDR550. My ram is rated for 550 2.5-3-3-7 and 600 2.5-4-4-8, but the guide I used said if my memory controller can run them at those settings, then I have to use the slower setting (I even tried everything on higher numbers/auto). So Now im worknig on 275x9 = 2.475ghz and will tighten up my memory also. The point I am trying to make, is follow the overclockers guide, find your max cpu overclock, then your max ram speeds, the find a set of those numbers that you are comfortable with, then tighten up your ram. I would rather have my ram at DDR550 at 2.5-3-3-6 than to have my computer struggling with [email protected] 3-5-5-10 (plus I get an extra 75mhz out of my cpu).
  3. 704-2BTA AND 623-3 gave me the same cpu overclock, but the -2 does not play well with gkskill at DDR600-DDR630
  4. According to this guy: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=57317 To get DDR600+ on TCCD the -1 works best for his guide, people (and me) are topping out at 297 bus can try -1 or I have a bad memory controller. I wonder what the true difference between 632-1 and 702-1 is. I flipped a coin and 702-1 won. I will follow his guide and maybe when im done, switch to 632-1 and see if it makes any differences.
  5. This isnt a "which bios will overclock better" etc. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114 Which bios supports dual core, I know 632 does, but does 702 beta?? I know nothing about the 702 bios but dont want to rule it out, I just want the one that supports what I have. Im going to use the -1 bios because of this post: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=57317 "for ddr600+ using tccd use the -1 bios." Apparently the -2 bios im using right now does not play well with G.Skill
  6. 1.350v = 2279mhz (baseline)(34c) 1.375v = 2321mhz (+.025v + 42mhz)(36c) 1.400v = 2360mhz (+.025v + 39mhz)(36c) 1.425v = 2388mhz (+.025v + 28mhz)(37c) 1.450v = 2401mhz (+.025v + 13mhz)(38c) 1.475v = 2430mhz (+.025v + 29mhz)(38c) 1.500v = 2460mhz (+.025v + 20mhz)(38c) 1.525v = 2470mhz (+.025v + 10mhz)(39c) 1.550v = 2480mhz (+.025v + 10mhz)(41c) 1.582v = 2500mhz (+.025v + 20mhz)(42c) Im gonig to change my bios soon to see if that helps any. I also adjusted a few timings and re did all my power cords and hope it helps some. Im having alot of trouble getting my memory to do DDR600 right now.
  7. Im running the "704-2bta" and after I find my max for everything I am going to flash to the offical and see if there is any difference for us g.skill guys. Right now im having trouble getting 300fsb, 298 seems to be my max right now at 2.5-4-4-8 but im getting there. I changed all my timings to what G.skills site has for my ram, and am primeing my pc at 301x8 (my cpu is 24hr stable at 2.5ghz on 9x, so this is no effort for the cpu), and im giong to try these voltages to see what gives me the most stable option, then going to reflash the bios and do the exact same thing: 2.7 failed 3hrs 25mins 2.73 running now 2.8 2.83 2.9
  8. PWMic = Power management integrated circuit (it think), its a rectangular chip at the top right of the board. I ziptied my Stock AMD cpu fan to the motherboard tray, and the other end of the fan to the 4 pin P4 connector and it sit right above it. The sensor for the PWMIC is farther down from the chip though, the sensor sits around the IC's with the heat sinks on them. Either way, my fan blows across the pwmic and down past the heat sinks too. My PWMIC temps have dropped from 55 to 44. My chipset sits around 44 on lower fan speeds (3000-4000) and 42 on high speed (7000rpms). The PWMIC is by far the hottest area on my pc, and I think a small fan over it helps alot, and there have been reports of instablilty if the PWMIC goes >60
  9. When I installed my x2 3800 it would boot, but if you did anything that you needed to reboot, like made a bios change, it would never boot, and you would have to reset the bios jumper. I downloaded the bios update on another computer then brought the disk over to the new one, flashed the bios and it fixed it.
  10. Raid 0 on SATAII got me 353mb/s, im happy with that. http://www.splak.net/computer/storage.JPG
  11. It seems to be a case by case thing, the microsoft thing didnt fix my choppy games, but the x2 driver did. Before I did the x2 driver CS:CZ would be really messed up, the game would like do this lag (air hump) thing like every 10 seconds, then after the microsoft fix, it would do it like every 30 seconds, not until I did the x2 driver did it go away. I even tried setting processor affinity before that and it really hurt performance, it would peg out 1 cpu to the max, while the other idled and my fps would drop. But after the x2 driver, it uses like 40% total (20% of each cpu).
  12. CPUZ does not correctly report the toledo based 3800/4200/4600s, it says they are manchester. Everest will tell you the truth though.
  13. My toledo core 3800 only makes it to: 1.350v = 2279mhz (baseline)(34c) 1.375v = 2321mhz (+.025v + 42mhz)(36c) 1.400v = 2360mhz (+.025v + 39mhz)(36c) 1.425v = 2388mhz (+.025v + 28mhz)(37c) 1.450v = 2401mhz (+.025v + 13mhz)(38c) 1.475v = 2430mhz (+.025v + 29mhz)(38c) 1.500v = 2460mhz (+.025v + 20mhz)(38c) 1.525v = 2470mhz (+.025v + 10mhz)(39c) 1.550v = 2480mhz (+.025v + 10mhz)(41c) 1.582v = 2500mhz (+.025v + 20mhz)(42c) The reason the toldeo is sought after is the fact that if you have a toledo core 3800/4200/4600 (half cache disabled) they only made these at the start of production, and so you have a early stepping, which tend to overclock better. In my case, my cpu 0 is weak, my cpu 1 will do 2.6ghz on stock volts no problem, cpu0 always fails me. My temps are nice and low though, and I uncapped the processor, but I just am not getting spectacular results like everyone else. Also, all my speeds are 24HR stable dual prime, some people are like my toldedo is 2.8ghz stable, but then you find out that it just boots into windows at [email protected] lol, but is not anywhere near stable.
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