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  1. Hi, I am currently building a HTPC around the RS482. The build is not yet complete - its missing all drives but I thought I power it on anyway with just CPU and RAM. I am currently using 2xGEIL 512MB ram sticks and 2xA-DATA 1024MB sticks. They work fine and BIOS recognizes the 3072MB RAM setup. The only thing which surprises me is that they work in single channel mode :confused:. I have the very same ram setup in my other PC which runs in dual channel mode . Is there anything I need to pay attention to to get the ram sticks to work in dual channel mode? CPU is a 3800X2. Everything is at stock settings for now. GEIL ram is in slot 1 & 3; A-DATA in 2 & 4. Putting GEIL in 1 & 2 and A-DATA in 3 & 4 didn't work (BTW thanks for the intelligent ram-slot color coding, DFI). Best regards, ChriZ
  2. Hi, isn't it best putting the RAM into slots 1+3 or 2+4? The color coding on this board can be irratating. Putting the RAM into both black/blue slots _won't_ give you dual channel. Merry christmas, ChriZ
  3. Hello, you overclocked your CPU. Your overclock is unstable. Up the CPU voltage or lower your CPU frequency.
  4. Hello allyn, unfortunately I do not know much about the promise RAID controller (I use the areca), but did you check the following: - is SATA300+NCQ transfer mode for the connected drives enabled? - is read/write cache for the connected drives enabled? - is read/write cache on the controller enabled? ChriZ
  5. Hello bonedaddy77, >ChriZ, did you ever do the SLI mod on your mobo to make it like an SLI-DR board? It is not like an SLI board then, it _is_ an SLI board. And as such it will support 8x/8x; something an Ultra-D can never do. >I'm installing 8 x 500gb drives for a huge media server. Though the ARC-1220 has 8 SATA ports, only 6 of them can be used for RAID. 2 are reserved for hot stand-by. I hope you've taken account for this in your planning. ChriZ
  6. I am using the same card in the same board: bonedaddy: -it doesn't work with 8x/8x in an Ultra-D board. Put it as suggested by SaFrOut in the bottom slot with 16x/2x enabled. cerberus42: -the bottom slot allows for 2x transfer, though the areca controller only supports 1x in a 2x pci-ex slot. IMHO it's still fast enough with 200MB/sec peak transfer rates at 1x. --ChriZ
  7. Overclocking unstable? Try to install with stock speeds.
  8. If you have enabled the Karajan audio module you should use the drivers from realtek. why not try to download the latest drivers from: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/dlac97...8&Software=True
  9. Instead of using NVidia SPDIF out why not try and rejumper for Realtek SPDIF out - works great for me. NO stupid echo effects (unless I configure that in the Realtek soundpanel) and NO problems getting Dolby Digital 5.1 from DVDs.
  10. Sounds like you have installed more than one virus scanner / spyware scanner. They can interfere with each other quite nicely... resulting in even nicer delays... like the one you describe here
  11. 1. Plug in your "digital coaxial" audio cable into the yellow port. Make sure digital out is enabled. I have jumpered SPDIF out to use the Realtek chip and so I have to enable SPDIF out in the Realtek control panel. 2. Once SPDIF out is enabled in the Nvidia or Realtek control panel, all stereo signals will be automatically converted to digital out. If you want digital out in your DVD player software, select SPDIF in your player software. This will route the Dolby Digital / DTS signal to your SPDIF jack. Your receiver should recognize it and switch from stereo to 5.1 (and back) automatically.
  12. Does exactly what it says: Ups your DRAM voltage by .03 if your are running your DRAM below 3.2V If your DRAM runs at 2.60V using this option will push the voltage to 2.63V If your DRAM runs at 2.70V using this option will push the voltage to 2.73V ...
  13. I would start with the one in BIOS. And let it complete a few passes.
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