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  1. 350z: http://www.auto-sfondi-desktop.com/Wallpap...50Z-06_1024.jpg vw R32: http://home.comcast.net/~mrsensonic/DSC02052.JPG rx8: http://www.motordesktop.com/wallpaper/spor...%201024x768.jpg if you ask me, the vw r32 is in a totally different league compared to the 350z and rx8 (in a lower bracket). its like the odd one out here.
  2. 350z has really good balance too (perfect 53/47 weight ratio), and has a really rigid chassis. you really cant go wrong with a 350z atm. (btw, get a manual too, auto in a sports car is a oxymoron)
  3. 350z's are a good FR car, though they usually come NA. if you can afford to, and want to, you could add a turbo kit to it, but i would only recommend it if you are confident you nkow the turbo conversion will be reliable, and that you are confident you can handle the uneven torque curve.
  4. are you guys for real about those skyline prices? i bought my r32 gtst turbo manual for $13k australian (thats about $10K american atm)....goes like a shower of .!!! unless your talking about a r32 gtr? in australia, you can get them for around $23K (about 17-18K us)... go the skyline
  5. yer i just flashed with ocz tony's 704-2bta, then loaded optimised defaults, f10, saved, rebooted, re-entered bios, turned off devices i dont use, left everything as default. ram running at 200mhz, 2-3-2-5 @ 1T booted into windows, and ran super pi 1M test, no probs. then dual prime95 for 5 mins (if its pretty bad dual prime95 fails within 2 minutes). rebooted, setup dram to 2.7v, vcore to 1.375v + 104% (reads 1.39v in mbm5 atm). have 10x240HTT (2.4ghz) atm and ldt multi at 4x. ram divider at 166mhz back into dual prime95 for 5 mins so far, no errors. gonna leave it running overnight.... thanks guys
  6. Well ive been running the hp3200 sticks on 2T timing for a while stable, but its still bugging me why i cant get 1T stable. it just struck me that it could be a bios anomaly. the sticks use CH-5 UTT modules. i noticed there is 3 different versions of the 623 bios. Which one would be best for CH-5 UTT sticks? Cheers
  7. i had the slow/fast prob in nfs:mw as well, driver install fixed. never had a problem in quake 4, or civ4.
  8. just to make matter even more stranger, my marvell nic was doing the disconnect/reconnect thing, just more intermittenly. in the end i switched the the nv4 nic, and its all sweet now.... strange eh
  9. hey jakevsnake. i too have ch-5 modules on my ram. no matter what i tried, i could not get my ch-5 to run stable at 1T and at stock settings (and i didnt really have the patience to spends weeks finding settings that work at 1T). what i found worked is to goto 2T timing, everything else auto, and vram at 2.7v. perfectly stable now. before i would fail prime95 either withen minutes, or about 6 hours on both cores. also quake 4 would crash to desktop all the time, now its sweet also angry_games has shown that dropping to 2T doesnt affect game performance that much (couple of percent), and in fact helps gets a higher stable ram clock.... so in essence try 2T... (turn CPC off)
  10. another guy here who has used magnetic screwdrivers and never killed anything with it
  11. hmmmm, when i put my zalman 7700cu on with as5, i did the whole very tiny layer smear approach. cpu is currently idling at 33-35c, ambient temp is 21c in a super lanboy case (really small case).
  12. im using a 166mhz divider while my HT is set to 230mhz.
  13. try turning CPC off (so it runs at 2T)...i had to do this with my mushkin hp3200, otherwise prime95 would fail, and q4 would randomly quit to the desktop. you dont lose many percentage points going to 2T, but dual channel owns single channel on s939. there was a article on the internet a while back showing this.
  14. since i stuck a zalman 7700cu on the cpu, my pwmic ranges from 42c to 51c. before with the a64 stock cooler it was 51c to 56c. ambient temps are 21c to 35c.
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