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  1. hi i'm thinking about a bigger radiator for my system, but i dont know how many fans i can connect with the cpu fan controler? how mouch watt does it like? i cant find informations anywhere. thx
  2. hi i bought the new ocz platinum xtc ddr 500 2 gb kit. has anybody some experience for ocing microns? wich settings are the best? wich sub settings? thx
  3. i want to buy the new ocz platinum xtc is this a good coice?
  4. hi i'm thinking about new ram. now i have ocz performance 4x512mb 2T. im thinking about buying the new ocz platinum xtc pc 4000. it runs at 1T but what more performance can i recognize when i buy this ram?
  5. hi i want to use rm clock, but to use the cpuvid control i had to set the cpuvid to auto. but my cpu is oced, i want to know what cpuvid auto means? to adjust the special vid thx
  6. have i to install the opteron driver and the ms x2 hotfix i dont recognize any problems with my x2. thx
  7. hi i've changed my 3800+ into an opteron 170. should i reinstall the windows or not? thx
  8. i have souch a problem too. i can cange my dram volt from 2.6 to 2,7 only when i set it to 2,8 it shows me 2.8. the sensor is not broken and its always on 2,69v
  9. hi i've bought an opteron 170, but i dont know which bios is propably the best for this cpu? now i have the 704 bta can i use this? has anybody some experience wit opterons? thx
  10. no 16x it's not possible but you can make it to a 8x slot. yuo must the sli jumper move into the sli option jeah you loose many many power! maybe 15- 20 points in 3d mark
  11. i think with my graphic card im not limited ... at the moment
  12. yes now now my memories runs at 2T. i only want to know what i feel when buying better memories 2x1gb. i dont want pay 250-350€ and wanna feel noting, no difference then i can still running my old ones. now they running 2T
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