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  1. bump.....I have the same problem with SG, worked fine for a few months and now its toast. Is there a solution for this problem?
  2. I have one. Can't get it stable at 3ghz on air. Might do it with water.
  3. So this is either a really stupid question, or noone knows, or cares.
  4. Installed net 1.1, no change....really weird....
  5. I've used that fan with a few builds and I like them alot.
  6. Little confused here about a few things. First of all, we only have southbridge drivers, correct? That southbridge is the ATI SB450. This controls the ATI driven sata ports, USB, and IDE and SMbus.....right? Anything else? Originally the drivers that came with the motherboard, and the ones on the dfi website are 5-8-igp_xp-2k1.exe There appears to be no changes since..... BUT, I was digging around on the ATI website and noticed a new SB package 6-1_xp_sb_29602 ....I cant really tell what is different yet, as there is no changelog file. Upon further digging it appears that with every FULL download of a new catalyst driver, new SB drivers are included also? I'm probably making this too complicated, but it just seems awefully different from all the other chipsets I have used in the past. Any clarification would be great.
  7. any idea what type of chips your ram uses? Max async latency and read preamble are very important also. I dont see those in your screenie.
  8. My board doesnt like anything above 319. Your innacurate temps may be due to lack of airflow over the board, since you are using a waterblock instead of a HSF. You need to manually set your TREF as well. I find that "auto" provided instability and very low memory bandwidth
  9. Same problem here. Neither the one off the CD or the new one on the DFI website works for me anymore. Just did a complete wipe and reinstall of everything, xp, service pack 2. Only thing different with this install is that I dont have CCC or microsoft net installed. Best I can figure, this is the problem.
  10. Seems mine craps out at 319-320HTT. How about yours? My board is a "revision a02" ..... Is there a later revision than this? If so, and the later revision will allow for higher HTT, is it possible to RMA my board for a newer one?
  11. I have a machine with a +3200 venice that i've popped the IHS on, cooled with an xp-90 that has been running @ 2.8ghz with 1.65vcore for almost a year now. Keep temps ok and stay under 1.7v and you should be fine.
  12. pc3200 is most definately a better choice for your setup.
  13. Oh and systool works pretty well for overclocking in windows. However i'd use it just to test small changes and then make the changes in the bios. Dont forget you can save up to 4 different configs in your bios...so when you find something that works.....SAVE IT! It will save you a TON of time and effort when it comes to changing a billion bios settings.
  14. actually there is something to be said for that. I was having a seriously hard time initially with this board and my superpi times until I set my tref to 3072. I'd put everything back to non overclocked config and and then benchmark. .
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