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  1. i'm planning to re-install windows with nVidia IDE SW driver, but what about nvidia firewall does it still have issues?
  2. I will send a email to DFI and also i will buy one from Tmod's but which bios version to order??
  3. i think is my Bios Chip that has gone bad... Anyone has a link were this chips are sell (online)?
  4. done clearing the CMOS after 12 hrs. samething no beeps, all 4 leds on...... could be my bios chip?
  5. Yes but only 15 mins. now i'm leaving it overnight.
  6. I have done clearing the Cmos and no luck...
  7. I have no OC and and everything is running on default. I had been using my PC with no probloms until today when i tried to turn it ON. All 4 leds remain ON and all fans on full speed, no beeps, no video etc... I'm now clearing the Cmos folowing the guide on this forum. Any ideas?
  8. What audio drivers to install Nvidea or Realtek??
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