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  1. i cant really test it cause I dont have the computer anymore, what I'm asking is if the RAM could be the problem >> RAM OCZ Performance Sticks 2x512. I just want to make sure that the RAM sticks arent the problem here.
  2. bump so would the ocz performance ram have anything to do w/ it, i doubt it tho cause uping the voltage helped me so you think it would be worth it to rma it? shipping + 15% restock from newegg out of a 40$ psu. shipping is gonna be expensive
  3. kk i just want to make sure its not the ram too, cause u know since i made this com for someone i dont wanna be liable for that part too =P lol, its not my fault i choose him a good one cept he wanted his budget to be reached so he went cheap, o well lol gonna get him a ocz powerstream one
  4. yea i should memtest more but i've already given him the computer, windows is installed now, just that he couldnt install this came called ragnarok and it would crash the moment he tried errors i dont remember but in the end it was always like free all of ram or something in the very bottom line
  5. i boosted voltage on ram to 3.0 and it installed fine cept when he tries installing a game called ragnorak it crashes w/ a blue screen. He wants to get a new psu now, now I ask the memory i got was OCZ 2x512 of the performance one, that isnt the thing causing the crash right? its definitely the psu right?
  6. it would crash? my friend made a computer w/ a stock psu that came w/ a case so its not any much better then this one and he got it working fine, any ideas where the problems may becoming from? edit >> umm im getting somewhere now, no crash yet, hopefully none in general, its installing devices drivers now, i increased ram voltage damn just crashed again 0000007e
  7. holy -.- im getting the same error as you, did u solve it yet? im making htis computer for a friend so its making me feel really bad
  8. all default, ya i know it doesnt really meet the spec but it should be fine shouldnt it? i just upped the ram to test it out, pushed ram v to 2.8 just now from 2.6 umm ya its messing up while installing, usually messing up after the intial install you know where it boots for the first time and you got the nice gui.
  9. it just puts me out of mood to do anything when i get errors, i'll run more memtest later but i did a 20 min mem test no errors, last time i ran it the errors showed up right away anyways i'm doing this computer for a friend so it makes me sad i cant get it working problems im getting is when I install windows I get random errors, one error was LIRQ greater than less than error error c000021a error 0x0000007f took out this old modemn that i put in for my friend and trying to reinstall maybe taht was the problem hopefully it was, any insights? thanks problem just now ------------ page_fault_in_nonpaged_area atapi.sys address f74798f8 base at f7473000 datestamp 4117fd4b
  10. figured out what was wrong one of my two sticks of ram was messedup, ran memtest n i got a bunch of errors, just used one stick and everything installed
  11. where do you find out the timing, everything is default i didnt change anything dram voltage is 2.8v
  12. what do i do about it now? how would i fix it? or would i have to send in for a new one? does memtest have to do w/ the motherboard? like if i get an error on memtest would the mobo be at fault?
  13. didnt want to start that many threads in the crossfire forum this is bad right?
  14. the copy of windows i have worked on other computers, hd it might be im not sure tho, i cant format w/ another computer and i dont have another hd because its a SATA, and i dont have any spare IDE hds error i get when i try to run the xp boot disk errors i got before i formated my computer again but this was after setting up the first part of the windows install another error another error what do these error look like it relates to hd or mobo?
  15. im having problems installing windows i get many errors, i cant figure out what hte problem is, could it be that?
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