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  1. Error msg: "Video driver not found" when trying to load chip set driver. I have loaded everything including video card drivers twice. But this is the error msg. I got this after formatting/adding HD to install w/raid-0.
  2. Is there a way to print this guide without losing the last part of every line?
  3. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 It has some sweet info dealing with OCing a lanparty board but I'm confused about nb core, nb analog, LTD bus ect. Is there a starter guide for this stuff lol?
  4. I have tried to use winflash to flash my bios but it says the file is a different size than my bios file.
  5. Thx for the input G, I have a floppy on hand just don't want to crack my case back open for a 10 sec install of a driver only to pull it back out. Thought there may be a better way thats why I was asking.
  6. Yes, sorry that I didn't make that clear. Can you load raid drivers any other way like after the os has been loaded?
  7. Is it possible to load raid drivers off a mem stick rather than a floppy? I don't have a floppy and want to load raid drivers without plugging up a floppy.
  8. Do you have your 4 pin power connecter plugged into the 8 pin molex? I had to do that before my computer would boot.
  9. No I don't have any problems with the bios the board came with. I haven't overclocked it yet because I read about problems people were having. The only porblems I had was the USB keyboard/mouse lock up on boot thing. I would like to plug my USB keyboard and mouse back in some day and I guess I will need to flash my bois to fix that.
  10. Thanks Rgone, I wasn't going to flash my bios until DFI released an offical Bios but I like to be prepared.
  11. Exactly what would I have to do when I flash my BIOS? I didn't know if this was something I could do through windows like my last Asus board.
  12. I am running 4 pin on 8 pin plug. Remember to put the 4 pin plug in the top 4 pin holes of the 8 pin plug. I'm not having problems yet overclocking and I doubt it will make a difference as long as your PSU will hold up.
  13. What does this driver do and if I'm not having any problems should I install it? Is there a set date for a new BIOS? Driver AMD Driver OS Window XP File 5-8-igp_xp-2k1.exe Size 40,293,192 bytes Date 2005/10/28 Description RDX200 Chipset Driver For 2000/XP.
  14. I have ram up to 3.3 2221t and it runs great but, I can't get Aquamark3 to run without crashing at the end of the test at stock or turned up RAM setting. I scored 9602 on 3Dmark05 and all games I have loaded have run fine just not AM03.
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