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  1. I've also been having some issues with this! Trying to revive my old 4400+ setup and pushing it at leas up to 2.8 ghz safely. Instead of running a Zalman CNPS9500LED on the 4400+ now, I'm running a Tuniq Tower 120 w/ AS5. Running the same ram as you and having some issues.. I used to own a pair of EB Platinum's from OCZ, but those are long and gone! Let me know how it goes mate! Would love to get this up for a home server! =)
  2. I've been meaning to try this out, but was wondernig if anybody with persoal experience might give their insight. I'm planning on trying to run Raid-5 and was wondering if the onboard controller is even worth it to try running this on. If anybody can give their suggestions, or have personally used it, I'd love to hear their thoughts. I'd be running with a couple of WD 250GB 16MB SATA's. Regards, Danny
  3. Sounds like you might have an issue with your PSU. I'd also check your connections. I know these sound like common resolves, but it's worth a look to potentially fix hours of frustration.
  4. I haven't been here for a while, but it's been a good while since I've owned my lovely system (and I'm still loving it)! I am still runing an X2 4400.. But since I haven't been in the game lately, I was just wondering if there has been any new BIOS coming in that have improved overclocking potential since December 2005? Any help is greatly appreciated.. Looking forward to tweaking my system once again.. Still running the 704 BIOS fyi. Cheers
  5. Howdy! I just recently switched my ISP to Rogers Cable (bad mistake), and I was wondering if there was a method I can use both connections at the same time, one running on each LAN, the Marvell and the Nvidia one? Being that I still have my former ISP active (Bell Sympatico) for about another 25 days, it'd be a good opportunity to get my some hardcore leeching and seeding done. If not, is there any known method for using both connections on a single comp at the same time? Regards
  6. Sorry if this has already been answered.. I did a good search and couldn't find much of significance.. I've run my computer stable for quite sometime, but it wasn't until I was finetuning my system and took out the side cover of my Wave Master, and noticed that on the bottom left, it boots up with a Red led initially.. Is this completely normal? Something tells me it's a bad sign, but the computer's been working great for quite some time.. Any ideas or answers highly appreciated. If it helps, my drives are SATA, and only have 2 burners installed on seperate IDE channels.
  7. No matter how I shift around the S-ATA Cables to my HD's, I am still getting this problem. The nForce4 Serial ATA Controller is sharing the same IRQ as the NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator.. and there's no workaround to change this. Is there any method that anybody has tried? It seems I am not the only one suffering from this problem, and the forum doesn't have much resolutions. The board I am using is the SLI-DR.
  8. I wouldn't know exactly the cause Jesse. If that's the case, than it could simply be a software issue. Hot fixes, Service Packs change a lot of settings, and in the case of SP2, totally limits your TCP Connections, etc. Have you ever tried on an install on another hard disk and checking if you can download fine by those means? Also, the modem unlocking can be found by a Google of Yahoo search pretty much..
  9. Not really sure if you are aware of this, but do you know that you can "unlock" your modems as well? You'd probably want it to act in Bridge mode, and disable any type of firewall, etc. on it. Another issue usually lies in Windows XP SP2.. This is a very common issue.
  10. Alright.. I know Windows XP only recognized up to 2gb's of ram.. i already got an eb platinum set running at 260 1:1 at 3-3-7-3 atm.. my question was.. if i had purchased another set of eb platinum's.. would i be able to run at 1t with them as well.. and.. what would happen with dual channel? and also.. would games such as WoW or Guild Wars see any performance increases likely.. or.. how about.. Fear? pondering whether it's worth it or not.. or just pop my money into my xbox 360 tomorrow!
  11. the second pci-e slot is configured at 2x by default unless you move the jumpers into sli mode which splits both slots into 8x.
  12. If this helps, I get 8700 to 8800's on my evga 7800gtx ko edition in 3dmark05 running on the second pci-e @8x bandwidth.
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