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  1. thats just what i was thinking only started happeneing after i did a re-install of windows before the install computer was fine and i had no issues at all i have noticed that the computer will not restart if i switch it off at the power button rather than let windows switch off for me wonder if that is anything to do with it windows being the cause and not the bios its self ?
  2. i have had this for the first time last night thaough i had some hacker on my computer proper freaked me out strange thing is i have had this official bios on my computer for about 3weeks now and never had this problem did a reinstall yesterday morning and this problem is now here not changed any settings in my bios at all so this has puzzled me a bit
  3. thanks for all the info on this guys was going to flash to this bios but i think ill leave it for now mine works peachy atm so ill leave it be for now
  4. anyone on here have any ideas when the new bios will be released mainstream when i say mainstream i mean at the mo we are all using the beta bios when will that bios become official any ideas guys i know when manufacturers release a bios after beta the issues that didnt work will have been sorted
  5. Moredread just send it back to the store they will sort it for you i am sure in fact i know they will
  6. PS/2 Jumper sorry mate what is that ? im really sorry guys for asking all these questions beleive it or not im quite accomplished when i comes to building pcs its just this is my first venture in to the realms of DFI
  7. i am down to 2 sticks mate atm both in banks 2 and 4 all this stock settings i am looking into buying two 1gb sticks of ram to solve the prob i am having where i cant run 4 512mb sticks in the board
  8. i have downloaded this bios still have the cold boot problem ahh well wait for the next bios update only issue i seem to have though to be honest hope they fix it soon how come though it has fixed some boards but not others are the boards different in some way im confussed ?
  9. ok guys connected the 4pin floppy and still no joy looks like im going to have to buy to 1gb sticks of ram you guys got any recommendations of which sticks to buy not looking for O-C ing just need Fast Stable ram good for gaming ?
  10. no mate i dont tbh i never noticed it :shake: :confused:
  11. Ahh That would help Sorry guys Its a OCZ Powerstream 520watt but with green fan not the blue if that means anything
  12. Hi guys first off can i just say to you all hello, This is my first DFI board so knowing what resources are available for modded bios updates etc other than here and the main dfi site would help anyway to my problem i have tried to run four sticks of memory (see my sig) at stock speeds but my computer will not post regardless of which slots i place them in has anyone else had this problem and have they found a fix or workaround for it cheers guys
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