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  1. Cheers for that Branjo. Just wanted to make sure before i go loose everything...lol
  2. Cheers for that Branjo. Just wanted to make sure before i go loose everything...lol
  3. I have a XP-90 that i use in my rig right now. I am about to upgrade my system to a E6750 on a Asus P5N-E mobo and was wondering if i could use my XP-90? I looked a the Thermalright website and seen something about an adaptor kit. I think they call it LGA775 RM. Does anyone know if this is what i am looking for? Cheers
  4. I am going to be upgrading my rig with a new mobo and cpu. MOBO - Asus P5N-E SLI 650i Socket CPU - E6750 RAM - GeIL 2GB (2x1GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHz Ultra Low Latency DDR2 Dual Channel Kit (GX22GB6400UDC) I have a few concerns over the number of SATA ports the mobo has. Right now i have 2 Raptors running in RAID0 which will take up 2 of the 4 SATA ports. I also have 2 SATA hard drives for storage. That means i will be using all 4 SATA ports the mobo has and i will have no room for any storage expansion. Or is there a way for me to use the external SATA port for an internal drive? Also if i swap my hard drives over to the new mobo will they work without loss of data (storage drives only as i know i will have to reconfigure my RAID0 and therefore loose that data)?
  5. This is a bit of wishful thinking, but is there anyway that my RAID0 configuration could be swapped over to a new MOBO? Or as i suspect would i need to set up RAID and my operating system from scratch?
  6. I have just bought a Western Digital external 'My Book Premium' hard drive. I am having problems getting it to turn itself of when i use it with the firewire cable. When it is connected with just the USB cable it turns off when I turn the PC off. However when it is connected using the firewire the thing looks like it is about to turn off (lights at the front go round and round and dims) but it then just stays on. Not only this but the off button on the front doesn't work while its 'stuck' on. I have downloaded the button manager software from the support site but that doesn't fix it. I have called customer support but they said something about how it could be to do with my firewire settings. Can anyone help?
  7. Would that allow me to restore my RAID0 array including my OS?
  8. Right guys its about time I thought about backing up my data. I have had my setup about a year now and haven't backed up anything. I know the shame of it. I am looking for suggestions on the best way to do it. I have 2 raptors in RAID0 configuration and would like to back them up so if anything goes wrong I can replace one and get back on my feet with no data loss. Questions Is it best to have a separate drive just to back up the raid drives and another backup drive to back up my storage drive? What (hopefully free of cheep) software is best for backing up a stripped RAID configuration? Should i be using RAID0+1 or should i just back up every so often manually? Cheers for any ideas
  9. Wow where do I start? t0rdenskjold I have not tried winamp player for videos but i will give it a go when I get back from work and let you know if it fixes the problem. NEOAethyr what a post that was. I dont know where to start. The drives are partitioned into two, C and D with C being about 10Gb for the OS and D being the rest. Think I have uses a 16kb cluster size but not 100% sure on that. "check your startup count in the smart data for the 2 drives in raid 0" how do I do this? Is it as simple as looking up how long the PC should take to boot up? Thing is everything else seems to be working fine with the only exception of an anoying click ocationally through the speakers when there should be nothing. So what are you actually advising me to do? Sorry but I dont quite understand as i'm new to this.
  10. I really hope someone can help me as this is really starting to get on my nerves. When I try playing video clips there is a delay of about 3 seconds before they start. I have tried using different players like WMP10, WMP classic and DIVX but it still happens. Funny thing is that occasionally certain mpg clips will start instantly like they should but all the rest don't. Once the clips are playing everything is fine. Could it be something to do with the audio drivers? If it is how do I fix them? I have tried installing the latest codecs from DIVX but still no joy. Any ideas?
  11. How stupid am I!!!!! Thanks for the help guys as i know i would have ended up sending them back or something. You were right Qw3r7y. I didnt relise i should have plugged the front speakers into the green plug wiht the funny picture (audio out probably) I had them plugged into the 6th and 7th channel. Thanks again guys
  12. They dont apper to be the right color coding. I have plugged the black into the black as they are the rear. i have the green plugged into the gray for the side and i have the orange plugged into the green for the rear. Does that sound right. i didnt follow the colour codeing as i followed the book that came wiht the speakers that told me theat the: Green is L/R Black rear L/R Orange to centre/sub
  13. Hi guys. Just got my new logitech X-530 speakers today and have hooked them up. Thing is when i go into the nvmixer to set it up using the wizard it doesnt find the front 2 speakers. If i set it up on 5.1 the music only comes out of the read 2 plus the sub. However if I tell it that it is 7.1 it works fine. Is there somethig im doing wrong maybe in the bios or somewhere?
  14. I am just in the middle of determining my max CPU speed and am stepping up my core voltage slowly as outlined in the clocking guide. Can anyone tell me why the core voltage i set in the bios is not the voltage showing in CPUZ. For example if i set it to 1.425 in the bios it is only showing up as 1.392 fluctuating to 1.376. I thought this was just normal but looking at other peoples screenshots in the 165 overclocking database there CPUZ voltage is what they say they have set there voltage to. What am i doing wrong?
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