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  1. My TD1s are going strong at 289 1:1 2T at only 2.64v. God i hope they don't die. After weeks and weeks of messing with the PC, I finally have a 100% stable DFI machine! It better stay that way!
  2. So it's like this: The memory was doing 289 1:1 at 2.66v 1T. It was dual prime95 stable for 11 hours at least. Memtest didn't produce any errors, and the system wasn't bluescreening. However, when i started playing games, specifically cs:source, the game would freeze after a minute or so. After a long day of troubleshooting, i foudn out that i couldn't run 1T with anything over 260HTT. Not sure if it's the RAM, the CPU, or the motherboard. Looks to be the RAM though. I messed with all the timing possible, nothing helped, until i dropped down to 2T (orange slots by the way). So now I am running at 289HTT 1:1 @ 2T - 2.64v Everything stable, nothing crashes or bluescreenes, games work great.
  3. highly unlikely for a power supply to cause this. When they fail, your pc either won't power on at all, or will be very unstable, rebooting every so ofetn on its own, etc. This is either the motherboard, a corrupt bios, or a dead memory controller on the cpu. Without a different CPU to try, it would be very hard to tell what exactly is worng. Unless you can try your own CPU in another system.
  4. they are not necessarily bad, but to get the system going, you might need to try out some other ram just to get into the BIOS.
  5. could be a lot of issues. I had the system freeze at the logo when my ram wasn't getting enough power. My old ballistix needed over 2.6v to boot on my board, but after i cleared my CMOS, the default voltage in the BIOS was showing as 2.55. So the system would freeze at he logo 90% of the time. I had ot put in some old pc2100 ram, and bump the voltage, before putting the ballistix back in. But it's just one possibility, and it's unlikely the problem you are experiencing, but it's worth looking into. Especially if it's always showing 1024k. I haven't seen a problem like that yet.
  6. The PSU will provide no performance boost though Only if the system becomes unstable, you would need to look at the PSU. The CPU is already good, if you overclock it. That leaves the videocard. Waiting for DX10 parts is not smart. Vista will be the only OS to support it, and it will be delayed and delayed, and even when it comes out, not many games will support it, and those that do, willl run on dx9 as well. I'd seriously consider a videocard upgrade, keeping in mind your PSU, not to get something too power hungry.
  7. DIMM one is the yellow 1? if so, run the RAM at 2T when you use it.
  8. your are a big gamer with a x700? heh get a 7900GT or something, lol
  9. If you game a lot, i would pick 2.7. As long as hte voltages and temps are reasonable. If you just browse the web, stick with 2.5
  10. Slot 4 is not dead, it's supposed to work like that. If you put anything in either slot 3 or 4, but itself, it will not detect the ram and the board will beep at you. You have to run single sticks in slots 1 or 2. Once you put something in slot 2, then you can put something in slot 4, for dual channel, and the board will detect both sticks. As far as testing for stability, test the sticks individually in slot 2 (orange, furtehst away from the CPU). If they error out, the ram is bad, RMA it.
  11. If you are running them in yellow slots, run them at 2T. I think it's supposed to default to that, but double check, and if it's not, set it to 2T. This is the COmmand Per Clock setting (put it on Disabled). Also, the stick that you say errors out, check it by itself in the further orange slot. See if it still errors. Also, 2.8 is too much for Ballistix. I knwo they are rated for that, but the older revision gets very hot at that voltage. They don't need so much volrage unless you are pushing really hgih HTT, over 280.
  12. It's supposed to do that. I found that out the hard way. Anything in the channel closest to the CPU will beep and not boot, unless you have something in the channel away from the CPU. When you put a stick in the orange slot away from the cpu, and then put a stick in the orange slot next to the cpu, both sticks should be detected and the board should stop beeping and should boot in dual channel. I also thought my board had a dead memory channel closest to the CPU, bus it turns out it's meant to work like that. DFI tech support confirmed it as well. As far as why your board still beeps when you have sticks in both orange channels, i don't know. :/ Thsi is on the expert btw. Not sure if the same goes for older DFI NF4 boards, but it seems like it does.
  13. This ram's incredible. I did 278HTT at 2.58 for 11 hours dual prime95 stable. Now doing 289HTT 1:1 at 2.64v. This is where my Opteron craps out at 1.525v. Still testing. update: 1 prime instance failed after 5 hours, up to 2.66v
  14. Right, once i get some solid results, i'll post. Right now it's priming at 278HTT at 2.58v 1:1
  15. These sticks seem to not like the voltage as much as the older ones. I had to drop down from 2.66, to 2.55 right now, at 250HTT, 'cause after a few prime95 hours, i actually got an error. Testing right now with lower voltage.
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