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  1. Oh yeah. Also, I'm using the latest Forceware beta drivers, and it says that SLI is enabled, but I can only read the temperature from one card (the one in the slot closest to the CPU [slot 1?]), and I'm getting absolutely no performance increase in any games or benchmarks (such as 3dMark '05). This leads me to believe that the other PCI-E slot isn't running the way it should be.
  2. The jumpers are in the 2-3 position - and according to the manual, that's where they're supposed to be for SLI. I'm not sure if this was a misprint or not. Should I try switching them to the 1-2 position? Thanks.
  3. I just received my second 7800 GTX (BFG) in the mail, and after spending all day trying to get the two cards to run in SLI, I've just about given up. I've used the search function to try and see if I can solve my problem, but it seems as though most of the people that have had success are those that are using the EXPERT version of the SLI-DR board. I've read that you can change the settings for the PCI-E slots in the bios using the SLI-DR Expert board, but the entry in the bios for the regular SLI-DR isn't accessible. Is there any way to change the setting in there to 8-4-NC-8 without having to buy SLI-DR Expert? I've had my mobo for way too long now, so RMA'ing it isn't an option. If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback. Thanks in advance!
  4. Gotcha! It's working perfectly now. I re-inserted my two sticks of OCZ PC 3200 (instead of the Corsair), and have it running at spec without a hitch. I actually ran across that tip on another thread while I was waiting for a response, but thanks a ton anyway!
  5. This is my introductory post, so greetings to the rest of the 'Street' community. I just received my NF4 SLI-DR in the mail yesterday (courtesy of Newegg), and I had a few initial hangups, but it's now up and running. My only real gripe is that I can't get my memory to run at spec; well, I can't get all of my memory running together. Right now I have 2 sticks of Corsair XMS 4400 in slots 1 and 2. The memory is running at 333, and not 400. I was just wondering what settings I should use for my memory, given the specs in my sig. I'd like to run the memory at a 1:1 ratio with my FSB (which is 204) and my multiplier (which is 12) - also, my HTT is set at x5. If it's possible, I'd like to be able to snap in my 2 OCZ sticks as well and use those, in conjunction, with the Corsair. I didn't necessarily want to get a new mobo so I would be forced to downgrade . Anywho, if I could get any pointers, that would be greatly appreciated. P.S. All my DDR (memory) settings are at default. Muchos gracias, in advance
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