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  1. Thx for the tip alex. Any more?
  2. Hi guys I'll be in the US in late june, most specifically in Boston. I'd like a tip from you...can you guys recommend a good pc hardware store in the area? I'm looking for cpu's, mobo's and vga cards. Mid to high end stuff. I'll have a hard time choosing what to buy, there's a US$ 500 quota before I get taxed (60%, ouch!) when passing through customs here. Unfortunately online stores are not an option for me since I don't have an address in the US. Unless you guys know of a good store that delivers in hotels =) Thx a lot for the info!
  3. Guys, I'm beyond the basics on this. I'll try the config on an asus a8n-sli this weekend.
  4. It's always the second card guys, no matter which one. Both work perfectly in single mode in the first slot and the second slot.
  5. Second card was not recognized. Tried both of them.
  6. Yes, I'm sure hehehe Just tried the cables, no luck.
  7. @sharp I did try swapping cards up and down but did not pay much attention to the cables. Will try. @radodrill Yes, did all thatt. Thx for the help guys.
  8. Hi guys! Today I bought a second 8800GT 512mb. It's a XFX Alpha Dog. I already own a BFG 8800GT OC 512mb. Cards are clocked differently but the bfg card should clock down to match the xfx's clock, or so I have read. So, I did everything. Windows did not recognize the second card. I tried different configs (bfg on top, xfx on top), different driver versions (from the manufacturer, beta drives, official drivers), switched ram slots, cleared cmos about ten times and that #@$#@ SLI balloon would not show up. Windows did not recognize the second card in device manager either. Tried both cards in single mode and both worked fine. Even tested it in game. Anything I should try before getting rid of this board? :sad: Thx for the help
  9. I'm having the exact same problem, but I'm ona a NF4 SLI-DR. The story: Bought the second 8800gt today, everything was working fine. Set it all up, booted into windows but second card was not recognized in device manager. Set it all back to one card config (which was working) and now this. Stripped down the system already...i'm really really annoyed about this one. One moment I'm almost in heaven now complete hell. Clearing cmos right now... _________________________ Just created a topic about this: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...6324#post786324
  10. I'm using ATI Tray Tools. Before ATT I used ATI Tool, which is good but I would be ocing/overvolting my vga 24/7. With ATT I'm able to automatically configure the card to oc only in 3D mode. I like that. Besides, it has all sorts of monitoring graphs and osd and screenshots etc etc...
  11. Hi all! Searching the thread I did not found any info about the x1950xt overclocking capabilities...I own this board for a few months but just started oc'ing last week. I would like to know how far you guys can go with this board...I've already noticed that the core ferquency is not easy to oc. My system hangs on the slightest change without raising the voltage. Currently testing it with a very light oc, 635/915. 1.450v on the core and mems on stock voltage. I have the sapphire 256mb.
  12. BDore

    One Sweet HTPC!

    It's nice. Creative. The problem is you have to build a similar enclosure to match the tv so you don't end up with a retro-looking htpc and a 22nd century style TV.
  13. @aelfwyne This is a known bug. Happens to me aswell. Check this out: http://forum.folding-community.org/ftopic17527.html Anyway, no solution for now. @wevsspot I've been runnig the gpu client for about 6 months now, even with a oc'ed card. No problem so far. Not even EUE. []'s
  14. Wound up uninstalling it, game performance was being eaten up even when the app was not running.
  15. Of course..the optimization is from the viewpoint of the developer, not the user...what was I thinking? Not yet, will do. Thx for the reply!
  16. Hey guys... Does anybody know this app? I was searching for a way to measure cpu utilization and found this on the developers area in ATI's website. It is supposed to tell you lots of things...optimize performance...visit this link for more info: http://ati.amd.com/developer/gpups/index.html There's a handy pdf with instructions. I got this to work but I tried running it with oblivion, performace was really low and the application said I was utilizing only 10% of the gpu power. Much slower than normal gameplay: 8-9 fps with the same configuration I usually get 30-40. Anybody got it to work "correctly"? Maybe I'm doing something wrong...is there any other app that tells you gpu utilization? []'s
  17. First beta expired december 1st, new beta is out. It supports more ati cards now.
  18. I liked NFS:MW. Last game from the nfs series I bought was NFS 3: hot pursuit, quite some time ago. NFS:MW looked good, all the car tuning stuff I also enjoyed simply because I had never sen that in a game before. Lost the fun after half a dozen bosses I beat. I just played carbon the other day and its an improved version of nfsmw. Did not like it. Didn't feel good with my momo wheel. One thing I agree with you guys is that this series is definitely aimed at 12 year old kids. All those actors with hairgel and makeup are really really lame. They could use some hotter chicks also.
  19. I was using a Seventeam 420bkv. Lasted almost two years before dying. Pretty good budget psu, very popular here.
  20. Had the same problem as you but with a different psu. Crazy psu behavior generally means it's dying. Bought another one and *shazaam* no more problem.
  21. First time the ipod was connected it stopped at post. Then I set first boot device to disable and now its ok.
  22. Very true. Another problem: I live in a coastal city so corrosion is a real threat. I've lost a vf700-AlCU and a 7700-AlCu. The vf700 had about 5 or 6 fins damaged, sold it really cheap. The 7700 had more than a dozen corroded fins, all of them were on the aluminum side. Same with the vf700. Performance started to drop so I bought a 7700Cu. The corrosion process took about a year, considering I live about two blocks from the beach. Now I keep a little silica gel bag inside my case and I have plans to buy a spray that's supposed to protect the material from corrosion. It's used on boats, cars and such... Why I stick to zalman? It's the best performance for the price. Have a nice weekend everybody...
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