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  1. Ya I'd say so... But I told them exactly what I did, so if you don't tell if you OC'ed then ya Calling seems the way to go hehe.
  2. Cheapest route to upgrade always turns out bad in the end. Most people skimp on the PSU's, because they don't think its that important and theres functions just fine. Its the most important part of the system so getting a good qualitly component, let alone one that meets the specs of the system is vitial. If your old PSU is still good try selling it off to someone or use it in another rig if you want to upgrade taht PSU. But in the end its better to get a new PSU, wait a few days or weeks til after the holidays and get a PSU that is in spec with the motherboard.
  3. I had to contact crucial. I started noticing my errors about 3 days before my 30 days was up with newegg. They didn't fail fast enough so had to contact crucial when it actually started failing at stock settings with 2.8V, 8 days later. I called them and e-mailed them. The tech on the phone was not helpful since I wrote the e-mail saying exactly where it was failing even OC'ed settings. Then he brought up the thing with the car engine, im sure you can find that post a few pages back because I swear that was him. Back at the begining of December. Of course he denied my RMA because it was OC'ed at one point. Well that was at noon, I sent an e-mail 2 days earlier, and got a respone back that day, giving me all the info I needed for an RMA. There e-mail service is very slow so if you do send a message that way be patient. Took nearly a week to get my RMA number back.
  4. Guys full of BS.... If we can run other memory besides the ballistix at the same speed or greater then theres an issue with the memory. I got my G.Skill sticks running faster then when I was able to find a steady ground after it took a quick degrade. And its perfectly stable no BSOD's no errors, prime stable for more then 2 weeks now. Besides the fact that its running with less voltage and is nearly 15C Cooler under load with no active cooling on the new ram. There is something screwy with the ballistix ram, they just won't admit it on our end. But in the end the if the CPU can't handle it then there will be issues for you trying to get that far.
  5. Still at 2 weeks and chugging since I sent the modules in. As for the new ram... not a single issue at all. G.Skill PC4000 works perfectly, and so much cooler.
  6. Not exactly 2.8Ghz but mines stable with 1.54V and hopfully when I get home 1.5125V will also be stable with 2.7Ghz prime 12+ hours (SuperPI 32M stable). I've seen a few hit 2.8Ghz with 1.55-1.6V but 1.5V does seem unlikely with them though. Those have been with with either of the following chips that I've seen Opty 170, X2 4400 and X2 3800.
  7. I'd also say your sitting nicely and to OC with more volts would be silly. You definatly got one of the better OC's out there so I'd say keep it there currently. After a couple weeks of breakign in and such, see if you can either drop the voltage or up the OC more without increasing the voltage. You might have a little more in it but might be pushing the limit of the chip already.
  8. I was able to boot from my USB to flash a bios update. It was quick and easy and I did it with a 256Meg stick I have laying around. I used some program (forgot what it was called) and had to use a floppy and then flash that to the bootsector of the flash drive to make it work properly. Otherwise it wouldn't work and it would just bypass my drive and boot right to windows.
  9. Well not the same ram as you or system but I get 6800+ on sandra with my G.Skill 243Mhz w/ 2.6V 3-4-4-8 timings, all other settings auto. Some settings are strange though I was running @ 260Mhz but would bearly break 6000+ on sandra. Then again sandra is not the best thing to test overall memory bandwidth since it can change from reboot to reboot if you don't have all the settings in the bios set for something specific.
  10. My take on voltage is no more then ~15% typically of a voltage increase over stock voltage, or chips rated voltage, with ~20% the absolute max. So on a 1.35V Chip, ~ 1.55V (50C Max Temp) with a max of 1.625V (40C Max Temp)
  11. Hmmm I don't get those errors. But when I have the computer unplugged for a few hours it seems to have a greater chance of it happening then. I'll check into that option though.
  12. I thought mine was a bios issue or related to me doing testing and crashing. But its doesn't seem to be that its picky. I havn't found a reason why it would do that yet. Stock speed doesn't make it go away so I know its not that.
  13. Wish ya luck with that... Hopefully it will last long but anymore theres no guarrenties it seems
  14. Hey another Madison guy Finally more people in the area that OC As for trying to install from another computer. Best way I think you can do this, is if you can. Start to install it on another computer and make sure thats the only drive. You get the blue screen deal where it copies the files over to the HDD and such. Make sure you load any drivers thats needed for your board so you can start to copy to it and also to work with the Asus board. When its ready to reboot, disconnect it and plug it back into your new system. By this point it should be past formating the disk and such and you'll beable to setup the windows setup from the correct rig before any drivers and that are loaded into the XP profiles.
  15. I've seen this happen also, and my system still does it every once and a while too if I understand what your saying. Sometimes it boots windows fast, quick, typically normal speed. Then here and there you'll get a boot that sits on windows loading screen for a few min. The drive is blinking like its doing something, the bar on the screens moving so its not frozen but its really wierd. Is that what your talking about?
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