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  1. Yes in fact you did send me and it will help me tons! I still have to wait till OCZ put the Cryo out for sale and that will take a while. And only after I receive the unit I have to go to measurements and see if I can do what I plan (phase + wc hybrid all inside the case). Till then I have to get back to my old trusty Toaster Sig NF2 as my X38 is Server now :-(
  2. Great tip Ill try that one in my case. Will post results. Thanks!
  3. Have anyone tried before: http://www.hytechsales.com/prod150.html Would like to know if it's worth giving the case interior a coat of this paint. It says is sound dampening and has a little of insulation proprieties to, I dunno if that will help or get in the way as I plan to install a Phase Change unit inside the case.
  4. Hey Ski! I ended up buying the biggest one I could find: the Lian Li RocketFish on my local Best Buy. The price is a Steal! $47.99 with their price match policy (originally $119). Saved $350 from a the V2000 case Now for the mods I will use your thread to do the top triple rad mount to fit a PA120.3. I will put a thread with my build log when I'm ready to begin. Plans are to WC 2 x GPUs, NB and PWM area. Phase Change unit for the CPU. Tricky part will be to fit all that in the case. I have a question for ya, it seams you had to use a 8pin mobo power connector extension so that the connector could reach the psu, if thats positive can you confirm if this is the one to get for our DFI X38-X48 mobos: http://www.censuspc.com/12-Inch-8-Pin-ATX-...8P-pr-3352.html
  5. Thanks Praz this is for future build and you are right no cooling for SB is needed for this board but I wanted to consider every upgrade possible. For PWM area Watercool.de is eating those MIPS alive (also consider by many in EU a better finished block). With the SW-16 they solved the problem of the MIPS overheating the loop because they touch the the big CPL's. The problem is Watercool.de gives a heck about selling their blocks to us. The owner was very rude to me when I tried to buy some on the early days of the release.
  6. Will a Laing D5 Basic/Swiftech MCP655 be able to handle those 5 blocks + reservoir and the PA120.3 and still make those temps cool enough? If that's true I would defiantly keep it simple here (1loop1rad1res)!
  7. Hey guys, I have a DFI x48-TR2 and the rest is basically what's in my old sig below. I want to know what is more effective. I need to watercool this stuff: NorthBridge; SouthBridge; PWM area; 2 x ATI HD3780 in crossfire. None of the above in stock speed (OC indeed). So I was wondering what would be more efficient and intelligent: A single loop using a big PA120.3 with 3 fans (push) or 2 x PA160 with two push fans in separate loops (GPU's 1 loop and NB, SB, PWM other loop) or considering the price a dual loop with 2 dual rads (4 fans) with the cheaper Swiftechs or Black ICE? * Note: the CPU is NOT in watercooling it will be out of the loops.
  8. That's a lot of money to give in a case I don't care if it comes with the fans made out of solid gold or not! $400 bucks you can get a phase-change :eek2: But this thread really inspired me to work in mine so I guess I'll work with what I have (TT Xaser V w/ window). Did you made your fans to PUSH Air INSIDE the Case or to Pull Air FROM the case?
  9. Wow that's what I call extra space! From who is that case you linked? PS.: If the WC kit doesn't sell in bundle you still have a friend wanting the Dtek Fuzion?
  10. Nice I have one of those! In your opinion what is the best case Lian or not that would be compatible with a triple 120mm rad with the minimal amount of mods? I was thinking about a foot mount for the rad (on the bottom) but dunno how that would work out (had to have some swiftech spacer boxes for sure) and fans pulling air from inside the case to the floor, but would that affect my temps to much? Such a pain to fit triple rads
  11. Due to rule #11 I had to delete my Dtek WC sale thread t_ski... I will wait till next week if nothing sells fast I'm willing to sell the block separately. ------------ Corsair BH-5 and ATI 9700 SHIPPED: 03071790000145647248
  12. Beautiful job t_ski! Made me :drool: Can you share with us which tool you used for the perfect cuts made on the case?
  13. Water Cooling Kit + Blocks SOLD ad Shipped! Still some good stuff for sale!
  14. Link to replacement: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch...e=IRU3037ACF-ND What happen was I tried to take this HS out and this little chip came off with it. I didn't power on the Vid Card again so if you have little solder skills with that peace at Digikey and little schematics understanding you can put this Card to work again. See attachments.
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