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  1. damn that stings. had my SLI-DR go south on me recently and have about 300GB of data on one stripe... well looks like i am going ahead and building that quad Opteron machine i've been planning on and selling my Opty165. thanks for the information. - Robert (PmR)DIJ
  2. does anyone happen to know if this board would allow for me to just connect up some SATA stripes that came from an DFI nF4 SLI-DR? Newegg has it for $89.99 currently. information needed stat. thanks in advance. - Robert (pMr)dEATHiNjUNE
  3. ok so reading through things here has anyone had this actually resolved via the new beta BIOS and driver?
  4. i've had that thought in mind for sometime, however, what just doesn't make a damn bit of sense to me is that everything was steaming along sans issue prior to trying the 4 HDD RAID 0 config. at any rate i broke down and ordered up a Thermaltake Pure Power Express 250W last night just to power my Radeon. figured if it is power related that should lighten the load on the PCP&C unit i have. wish they made the damn thing in all silver as my Lian Li is going to look goofy as hell with a black bay in the middle... thinking i might need to get a CDROM plate to cover it for aesthetics. thanks for the words of hope . - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
  5. just to rehash this thread i finally got around to formatting/reinstalling Windows. went for 32-Bit instead of the 64-Bit i was running before. restarts have gone away except for one that oddly enough resets the system, disregarding auto-restart being unchecked, only during the AM hours while nothing is scanning the HDD's. i did not install the same AV/Firewall software this time around (have gone from a mix of Symantec CE/nVidia NAM to NOD32/Outpost) and the only other applications running in the background that i had before are ATi's CCC (then 6.6 now 6.7) , MBM and Windows Defender (most recent beta). i set Windows Defender to not run a scan every AM so that leaves me with CCC and MBM as the possible culprits outside of hardware. oh the troubleshooting continues ! - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
  6. yeah well i generally take that path for atleast a week with any purchase but after nVidia purchased ULi (which was a blatant move to take away what ATi needed - a quality SB) i figured there was a good chance something might turn up. that said watching this unfold onto so many boards featuring this SB is not pleasing. while i am here people can left and right blame DFI for this but all whom are are not paying attention to the fact that this issue has appeared on, to my knowledge, every board featuring this SB. it's a chipset/driver issue and both of which come from ULi/nVidia. simply put all of the motherboard manufacturers were looking at an option of using ATi's SB, which would undercut the performance of their board, or something that would make their board an equal to or better than the nVidia offerings. that decision was easy. problem is that the product they were shipped appears to have been flawed. the fix is partially the board manufacturers to handle in the form of deploying it but the solution can only come from ULi/nVidia as the problem component is their product.
  7. i'm just voicing what i think should be done here Happy_Games. to many people have experienced this issue with a variety of mobo manufacturers using the same ULi chipset and have paid a great deal for nothing but aggravation for months now. only solution any of them have after 30 days is a replacement for the same motherboard through their respective vendor and what good does that do them when the issue can be had with a board off the shelf today. i damn near became one of them but decided to sit back and monitor the boards for anything that would steer me away and this was the thread that proved me wise in using all of my strength to not take out my Newegg Preferred card and purchase this board in the first month. i know that some are of the lucky few, such as yourself, to not experience this issue but judging by the posts here and elsewhere there are enough people to get something going legally. - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
  8. yeah and i still say everyone here should consider a class action as you've all paid a hefty price for a board to spend x months troubleshooting like beta testers. that is not acceptable. ULi needs to give back on this one. - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
  9. ok good to know that the disabling of the ULi RAID management tool does nothing longterm towards solving this.. i am seeing my future and it is a several hundred dollar RAID card with this motherboard... i was planning on spending that money on a DX10 card... ULi needs to come up with a fix here asap.
  10. if i had one i would definitely mention he or she to everyone here as the case is compelling seeing as it is not limited to DFI. i don't consider this a DFI problem as they are not alone with this issue (i've read of ABIT and ASUS users with the same). the problem is with the ULi chipset and/or drivers. personally considering nVidia's move to purchase ULi knowing full well how much ATi depended on the company for a competitive SB i can see some likelyhood of tampering here but that's just my opinion. just to ask before i completely ditch the notion of buying this board to replace my dying struggling SLI-DR can anyone confirm that disabling the ULi RAID management software via msconfig resolves this issue. i've seen this mentioned only a few times as a solution here and there and i'm still juggling picking this board up along with a RAID addon card, however, if that infact does solve this problem that would save me $300+ and i would go with this board as DFI is my preference.
  11. i've been following this thread since it first appeared as resolution to this issue dictates my purchasing this motherboard.. i don't think this will be resolved in a timely enough manner (it's gone far beyond that already) and am pretty sure i am going to be turning my current setup into a Mac OS X 10.4.7 machine in favor of an AM2 AMD/ATi config since S939 is on its way out but i figured i'd add a suggestion about this situation before i delete this thread from my memory: has anyone thought about a class action? seriously enough people have purchased this board and are experiencing this issue to warrant this. considering this issue appears on most all of the RD580 based boards with this chipset ULi (aka nVidia) needs to pay up for replacement and time lost..
  12. firstly thanks for replying to all of you. i've been there and done that many times before in my lifetime so i know what to do in the test bench respect. admittedly i am trying to avoid gutting the machine out as i have two John Rambo-esque cats whom would make the test environment something that could not last more than a day with 100% supervision safely unless i work in a crowded closet alongside a water heater or on a deck using extension power cords (seriously both of them made multiple attempts to get into this workstation and another while i was building them this past year - Lian Li and female cats go quite well together so i've learned)... anyhow Fabe this all began only after attempting four HDD's in RAID 0. the same hardware existed before, then and now. only difference is that before and after the four HDD RAID 0 problems was that i had the HDD's configured as two RAID 0 arrays (two HDD's per). considering my hardware my PSU more than exceeds the requirements (power:P edit: updated my sig to the current information noting my Turbo-Cool 2x and current OC.
  13. recently i've seen a good plenty of BSOD's of various kind which haven't been so surprising considering as i wait for a 64-Bit version of Outpost Firewall 4.0 i am using nVidia's NAM. in the midst of this, with nVidia's NAM exited and out of the way, i can run Super PI 16MB runs, memtest86+, 3DMark03, Sandra 2006 and Prime95 up and down the block without a single glitch. that said since i attempted to use four HDDs in RAID 0 back in March my system has frequently stopped responding during startup or in the middle of the night during scans from both Windows Defender x64 and Symantec CE the latter of which often sees the display signal from the video card fail to power back on if this issue occured during the scans requiring a manual restart. at the time of the 4 HDDxRAID 0 i was getting file errors all over and thus i went back to my 2 HDD per RAID 0 array configuration. a few weekends ago my system refused to power on aside from a brief twitch multiple times (4-5 times the system came on/shutdown within 2 seconds) until i pulled the PSU connections to the motherboard and reset them. this would be the second incident of this nature since the March four HDD RAID 0 affair. i feel this is a sign of the motherboard going out.. your thoughts (if any would be appreciated)? - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
  14. ha, atleast one brave soul tried the mixing of these brands but it does indeed seem that i am going to have to craigslist my Corsair and pick up a 2x1GB package of G.Skill.. Photoshop and now games need more RAM . thanks everyone for the input .
  15. i run WinXP 64-Bit Professional and after some work the only programs in my workstation default install routine that i could not install came down to two of 71. now in saying that one of them Adobe said wouldn't even install on WinXP way back when so really that didn't come as a shock (although it did install on XP ) and the other oddly enough was the business version of Quicken 2004 whereas the personal version of the same year installed without any issue. what really made for some good humor was situations like the following: 1. Doom 3 installs without issue 1a. Doom 3 RoE won't install due to an incompatible OS 2. CoD installs without issue 2a. CoD UO won't install due to an incompatible OS this happened with several other games.. i found it funny that the expansion title often was the one exhibiting this problem. for some of the games i either found patched .msi files to overcome the install or had to make my own. additionally some games required manually installing the game as a whole (like CoD UO). soundx98 already mentioned the site but the .msi files you'll likely end up needing for most games out there you can find at http://www.planetamd64.com/. anyhow Brandon_34 brought up a good point with security software. to add to the adware/spyware list Microsoft has released a 64-Bit version of Windows Defender. i personally use SAVCE 1010.0.2.2000 for the Antivirus. when it comes to the Firewall end of things there was a current beta release of nVidia ActiveArmor Firewall that i found on Guru3d that i can confirm works perfectly (and best of all its also stable compared to previous releases), however, damned if i can't remember which file it was i downloaded. i could email it to you if you end up needing a Firewall. another point that Brandon_34 brought up and i will repeat here is to make sure that 32-Bit software is installed into C:Program Files (x86) and that 64-Bit software goes into C:Program Files. what he didn't mention is that a good many installers don't know what to do with the C:Program Files (x86) path due to the (x86) and therefore you must go with the DOS format of C:Progra~2. one more thing you should know is when it comes to a RAID array get ready to have some more laughter. the SATARAID folder on the last several releases of nVidia's drivers oddly enough don't contain the complete package needed to install Windows XP or XP 64-Bit. you can get past the NT based portion of the install with the files in that directory but during the GUI installation portion the files will be replaced and your system will endlessly restart.. to fix this you'll want to follow these guides should you want to install with the most up to date RAID drivers: Win2k, WinXP and Server 2003 32-Bit - http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&st=0&p=356029& WinXP and Server 2003 64-Bit - http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...04entry352404 from a performance standpoint i can say that 64-Bit will feel much more responsive than the 32-Bit XP. some improvements are evident but don't expect to see your FPS jump up 5-10 frames in every game you play. in some cases you might even see a decrease but in such case it'll be to minor to worry about it. overall, though, you will enjoy it as long as you can handle having to work to get everything working in it mark my words. oh and i own a Dual Core and almost all of my games play smooth without setting the affinity. with those that don't just set the affinity per whichever way you find best. - Robert (PmR)DeathInJune
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