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  1. What about the speculation that the NF4 chipsets are binned, and the better ones are use for the SLI boards? |||synthtax|||
  2. malinois1, I already found out how to mod to SLI. I was worried that I would need to use a hacked BIOS or something. When the two pins are connected, will any SLI related BIOS features all of a sudden be accessible in the BOIS, or are there no such features? Is it really just as easy as connecting the two pins? Nothing else needs to be done? No software/firmware workarounds needed? I haven't been able to find any differences in BIOS between the Infinity SLI and UT Ultra-D. Anyone have any input in that respect? Thanks, |||synthtax|||
  3. If I go with the NF4 SLI Ultra D, and end up wanting to use SLI, how will I get the SLI bridge? I'll look into that board, and see what features is has that the Infinity doesn't. Thanks for the tip. That board is easier for me to get than the Infinity. |||synthtax|||
  4. Thanks everyone for your input. I've pretty much decided that I am going to go with DFI, the SLI Infinity (because of $$ constraints). Unless anyone here can give me good reason to go with the LP. I'm gonna throw caution to the wind and see if my Antec 400W PSU will handle my new DFI setup, if so, I won't push it, I'll wait to overclock until I get the OCZ PS 520W, which I have also decided to get. If the Antec isn't up to the challenge, I'll get the OCZ right away. My final question, which hasn't been answered yet, is if there are any difference revisions of the board I should know about (a la Abit NF7-S v1.0/1.1/2.0). Thanks again everyone. |||synthtax|||
  5. Where did you get that from? Is that the main criteria? The PSU I have now, the Antec SmartPower 400W (SP-400) has two 12V rails, the first rated for a max of 15A, the second 14A, that's 29A total. Should that not be sufficient? Dave, why exactly did you say that PSU wouldn't work? NOTE: This is assuming that if/when I do put in another GFX card, I upgrade the PSU. Thanks, |||synthtax|||
  6. So I guess I'll go with the OCZ (so I don't have to upgrade it later when I put in another 7800GT). The OCZ should have me covered from pretty much any angle, right? What is that based on? Also, if I'm going to have to spend extra $$ on a new PSU, then there's NO WAY I can afford the Lanpary SLI-DR. The LP SLI-DR doesn't have any features that the Infinity lacks that I really want, at least I don't think so. As long as they are comparatively stable and OCable, I don't need the uv reactive extras, extra LAN, extra audio connectors or extra SATA. Does the LP have any critical OC features that the Infinity doesn't? Thanks, |||synthtax||| PS: Are there any different revisions for this board that I should be aware of? I'm used to ABit M/Bs, and sometimes having the right revision is critical.
  7. Dave, I feel like a complete idiot. Obviously these forums are for support... I've been up all night researching (once I get my mind on something), so you know how it is. I was hoping to be able to get away with my current PSU, if that won't do it, I can't decide between these two: Antec NeoPower 480W or OCZ PowerStream 520W Thanks. |||synthtax|||
  8. I'm mainly looking at the SLI Infinity (not SLI-DR) because of price concerns. All the reviews I've read, have good things to say about these boards, but as soon as I look at forums, all I see are problems. I'm an avid overclocker, and put lots of importance on overclockability of pieces of hardware - but I'm seriously considering not bothering with it because of all the problems with these DFI boards. How many of you have had good experiences with these boards? (Specifically the SLI Infinity). Here's the proposed setup: DFI NF4 SLI Infinity Antec 400W Smart Power 2.0 (from Antex TX640B) OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum Revision 2 Athlon 64 3200+ (90nm Venice) BFG 7800GT OC or XFX 7800GT (single card for now) Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250GB and Seagate 7200.7 160GB (Both SATA - no RAID) Zalman CNPS 7000A/B From your experience, will this work? Any input? Thanks, |||synthtax|||
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