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    There is a post asking this question everyday, please search the forum a little.
  2. I would kind of disagree here. I pretty much just plugged in my components and booted up. I didn't really do any tweaking yet, and my board is as stable as a board can possibly be. I would say just get it, because then if you want to OC later, you have the ability, but you DO NOT have to OC this board to make it worthwhile. Considering that any other quality board is 100+ dollars, I'd say it's worth the neglible price difference.
  3. I would say get whatever one you want to. They are both great PSU's. My sig will tell you how I felt.
  4. Well, it is up and running, and I'm using it right now. Build was flawless, no proglems. I'll need to slipstream SP2 into my XP cd but there are a few things I need to do before it'll work Haven't tried OC'ing yet, and probably wont for a while, I'm just happy to have a comp again.
  5. Can I use all 250gb's even if it doesn't show it? or will it actually limit me to 130? I am using the comp listed in sig...just booting it up.
  6. I haven't installed any OS yet...I'm formatting for the first install. And it's plugged into my motherboard....so that's my controller.
  7. So, I'm formatting my drive, and it is showing up as like 130000 MB and it is a 250g drive...any ideas?
  8. I have them in yellow right now...is there a difference between the 2?
  9. Put it all together, and everything works so far. Running memtest right now, I'll post back once it's finished. Now I have to find my XP cd. Oh, should I worry about flashing my bios before I install xp? or is it alright to do it later? Also, what's the difference between the orange and yellow mem slots?
  10. Please use the search function. I think this same question has been asked every day for the past week.
  11. I finally get my ram today, I'll let you know how the unlocking goes.
  12. I would got the x2 route. I would have gotten one if the price difference between the 3200 and the 3800x2 wasn't over 150 dollars.
  13. Glad I just bought it from them for 221 >
  14. He means that running memory at 200 vs 250mhz isn't that big of a deal unless you are a benchmark junkie.
  15. considering this is a DFI forum....
  16. Why not get the new expert? and I cannot fathom spending more on video cards than what it cost me to build my system in my sig :drool:
  17. So, before I do anything with my system (mem will be here monday ><) you would recommend flashing to the latest bios?
  18. Does the onboard audio suck or something?
  19. The only thing I would change is the GTX to a GT, cause I'm a cheapo. :nod:
  20. This is a ridiculous post. How should WE know what your OC ability will be on a product that is exclusive to you? :confused: That's like me asking you how fast I can run. You may say that most people can run 10mph, so that is the average, but that doesn't mean I can run that fast. Maybe I'm a badass and can run 20mph, so your guess was way off. Or, I could be like 500 pounds and can't even run. So, whether your memory is normal, fat, or speedy, we don't know. :shake:
  21. DFI orange +yellow and aqua do not mix :shake: But, I don't care, I'm not into the lan party neons and side windows. clean and classy is my taste.
  22. I guess I should rephrase my comment. I didn't mean to say that the HZ's weren't OC'ing at all, but I had read a few people who claimed that they weren't stable much above 250. I didn't mean to imply that it wasn't possible. I guess bottom line is that like any OC'ing hardware, the same model has varying results. So, if you absolutely want 250 the HZ is the only way to go. If you want to save a few bucks and get a kit that will PROBABLY get at least 240, and likely 250, then ZX is the choice. And finally, if you want better looking ramsinks...get the HZ :nod:
  23. Well, technically, when you OC, you void the warranty. But, I tend to like retail PC's more as well. with OEM, you don't know how it's been handled. It could be a returned chip that didn't OC well. With retail you know no one has fooked around with your chip.
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