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  1. Hello ! I have questin about stepping of amd 64 fx60 is there such a thing for this or they are all made out of best chips ? I know there are other cpu's that ther are all over the net I have opteron 165 stepping (ccbwe 0551 ) it goes only up to 2.7ghz stable it goes to 2.880 but not stable with koolance ecos2 water cooler. question is should buy any fx60 with out worriying if it is a best possible overclocker does any body have any info about it . thank you !! yomi
  2. Hi evryone I know for fack that these rams ran at 600mhz with other mobos wich I had before with my first ati based mobo asus a8r-mvp cheap mobo I overclocked opt 165 to 9x290 stable rams at 1.1 580mhz system was very stable. if I drop cpu multi I can go all the up to 324mhz fsb so it sets my ram speed to 648mhz this is with my cheap asus mobo noted above question how come mobo that cost 3 times as much does not get same resolts. is there any way that I can get to overclock cpu and ram all together up to their maximum t5hank a lot oh one more I have tryed allmost evrything that is avalible from this forum and other they all suggest same thing
  3. Hi Call Maxtor they will give you new firm ware I had same problem
  4. thanks but that does not solve problem I have still need to find why new drivers does not work
  5. I don't have secondory display just one and it is connectted to primary display some thing is wrong but I donno what it happenes to 2 diffrent mobo set up with dfi or abit evrthing else works great
  6. ati driver 6.7 works but 6.8- 6.9- 6.10 installed no display monitor goes blank ( no signal)
  7. Hi people after I installed catalyst 6.8 I got blank screen any idea why , all other drivers works fine
  8. Hey man what kind of cou cooler are using on opt165 that you went all the way up to 3ghz
  9. Thank you for the tip I will try that as soon as I go home 2nite
  10. Thank you for tip but I have falloved this step by step but still it's like there is a barrier no more than 252mhz fsb when ram set to 166 mzh on bios I know that these rans will do 310x2 620 easy dfi mat realese bios fix this I hope
  11. Hello people for a while I was ok with this but now I know I should be able get more out this I have tryed all tips from forums site this and many others . as my signure states my hardware and seetings I had an abit AT8 board before DFI with that one I had set it this way cpu at9x httx3 fsb at 300 ram volt 2.8 cpu volt 1.50 it was very easyl oc'ed now any body out there knows some thing that I don't know tank you all. yomi
  12. Hello !! people here is my new cfx3200 with 1900 xtx i'm trying to put some pictures here but I can not get them to be less than 100kb any help?
  13. hi guys I just got my DFI 3200CFX and installed in to my water cooled case did not have to format the windows evrything is working fine. rerason i'm posting this I read here some one post it that it not possible couse it's diffrent chipset but I did.
  14. hello people I just went thru hell by using CORSAIR RMA I have sent my 4 sticks of corsair memor 512mbx4 twinx 4400 about 500 $ I have paid when I was gettin rma I told then that I have 2 sets of twinx1024 4400 they said okl send them all total of 4 sticks 2gb memory about week later I receve ups pakage containing only 1 set of twinx I cold them back they said they checked their shipping dept. that they send 2 sets of twinx now I dont know what to do thees f***kers don't belev me I have lost over 200 $ any one any idea???? yomi ::mad:
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