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  1. Almost certain you're getting a stop 0x50, not a 0x5D - but if it IS a 5D, there is only one KB article on Microsoft about 5D: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282500 99% sure you don't have this problem - it's old, it applied to Windows 2000 and you'd be seeing it at or near boot, not after running some. Stop 0x50 seems to be caused by either a horked driver or an actual memory (hardware) problem. Google this: site:microsoft.com stop 0x00000050 and you'll see a bunch of info on stop 0x50 errors. I was able to find one reference to dxg.sys being involved in a stop 0x50: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=822043 Might also try this google: "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA dxg.sys" and you'll see a bunch of stuff game related and dxg.sys... I would severely relax memory timings, as slow as you can stand, maybe even use a divider if you're not already. If you get the stop with timings really slow like that, then either you have bad memory or some driver problem. I'd also remove/clean/reinstall directX and the NVidia display drivers, and maybe try the whole process of producing the problem with one stick of memory in, then the other - with relaxed timing on the memory. Yes, I did work at Microsoft for a while hehe...
  2. He doesn't have a 6800, he has an eVGA 7800 GTX, same as I have, only his is like 15c hotter than mine... I do agree amb temp has an effect - you're not running your PC in a garrage with no AC in Central America are you?
  3. I am in love with my Antec P180 case. It's frickin AMAZING how the airflow works with 3 drives in the bottom and the cover on. The drives don't contribute much heat at all, the PSU fans create a wind tunnel effect in the bottom and suck air past the drives. With the cover off, the drives actually get a LOT hotter!
  4. Go for a Hitachi 250gb SATA2 drive instead of the Seagate 160gb 7200.7 SATA1 drive?
  5. Did you try 2.7v on the Ballistix? Seems like I read someplace at stock (2.6v?) the Ballistix can be picky. I have mine at 2.7v @ 260 3-3-3-8 with no problems so far... I did hit some no-boot problems at first but switching to orange slots and 2.7v cleared that up.
  6. Err, I don't think that is right either - I have a 4400 and I don't know that my NB temp has ever been anything but near 50c. Under load I've seen it up in the 50s and never (granted had this built since Friday night LOL) had a problem I attributed to that. Your temps DO look a little warm to me given that you're running only 1.5v. I am running 1.5v, 2.7v on memory at 250 x 10 on a 4400 right now. It's been running dual prime95s for the last 12 hours and my temps shown in Everest are: 47c - motherboard 40c - CPU 49c - chipset 44c - GPU 40c - GPU ambient Why is your GPU at 60c while running prime95? That is very strange... Do you have the hard drives phsyically near the MB and GPU? I have noticed if I leave the cover off my case it screws up the little wind-tunnel effect of dragging air past my Hitachi drives and they got HOT HOT HOT. So hot you can't even touch them. If I put the cover on and have my airflow right, then the drives stay only warm to the touch (yank the cover and touch them right away to check) and my other temps go up 1-2c due to the cover being on. Edit: shoulda mentioned - my GPU only hits 60+ running 3dmarks or something that stresses it - but I do have the blower thingy in the P180 with an 80mm fan blowing on it. Prior to that, it ran 4-5c hotter idle and hit 69c running 3dmarks. In no case was it ever 60c idle.
  7. I actually have a P4 with a Raptor in it - if I can figure out how to somewhat painlessly pull it (using it for OS now - so I need to copy it off and format to boot the AMD), I'll stick it in my AMD box, time the bootup of XP versus 3x250gb Hitachi RAID0. If you can think of some other test to check "system responsiveness" I'd be happy to do it if I manage to get the raptor in the AMD to compare to the RAID... I will say this, my XP boots to the desktop FAST on the RAID0 array. I just timed it and from the end of the BIOS messages to the XP desktop is 13 seconds or so. This is at 2.6ghz (260 x 10.) I'm not saying raptors are bad drives - there are great, but the technology in them hasn't changed in over 2 years whereas the Hitachi drives with SATA2 have been updated more recently...
  8. Sorry if I got anyone scared - to be clear, I am happy with the memory so far and I feel great about it. It's good memory period. I've only had my entire system since Friday and been benching/testing non-stop since then. What I was trying to convey was that I thought it was stable at a pretty high speed and I was mistaken. I got the memtest thing that runs in Windows (google "memtest hci" to find it) and it let me know that even though it passed SuperPi, OCCT, 3dmark01-03-05, Prime95 ran for 9+ hours, and memtest86 in BIOS passed, I had a potential problem. So far they seem solid at 250x11 at 2.7v (I dropped to 2.7 from 2.9 when I dropped the speed.) I let that Windows memtest thing run about 6 hours and it found no problems. Dual Prime95 now been running for almost 7 hours with no problem. Right now at 250 I'm running 3-3-3-8 but assuming I can get another couple hours of prime95, I may tweak timings... I may also do some looking at > 250 speeds using the Windows memtest since it found my problems in less than 30min.
  9. I agree with the other guys here - the Hitachi drives rock and are super cheap. You can get 2x80gb SATA2 drives for considerably less than one raptor - and in RAID0 they blow the raptor away performance-wise. Raptors are only SATA1... If you have the PSU and case room, go for 2 80gb Hitachi - and be sure to enable SATA2 with the Feature Tools from Hitachi...
  10. I've got these and *thought* I was stable @ 285 @ 2.9v til I ran the memtest that runs in Windows and got errors pretty quickly there! Now back at 250 @ 2.7v to see how things go...
  11. That reboot sounds a lot like Windows is bluescreening and rebooting itself. If you'd like to confirm that, go to Control Panel/System/Advanced and in the "Settings" button under "Startup and Recovery", uncheck "Automatically Restart". If you do this, the next time it does that reboot thing, if it's a bluescreen, it'll just stay up. Note the stop code (Stop 0x0000001E or whatever it is) and any parameters on the stop code. You can google stop codes actually although some are awfully common and if you're at a questionable OC then of course you don't need to google the stop code as you know what is causing it.
  12. If you got a stop 0x0000007B on moving the drives then yes, that'd be Windows trying to locate it's boot device and failing. I have 3x250gb Hitachi SATA2 drives on ports 1-2-4 (3 is sorta under the end of the 7800GTX lol) running a RAID0 array and so far, so good - of course I *am* using the drivers. I haven't done any disk benching yet but have run prime95 stable for 9 hours @ 285mhz FSB, so I'd think if the ports were not locked I might have had at least SOME problem. It was my understanding that on the DFI board, all 4 SATA ports are locked... If you are not using the NVIDIA SATA drivers, I'd recommend you do that. Otherwise Windows is either going to be treating those drives like IDE drives or even worse, like an Intel SATA something or other. Either way, use the NVIDIA drivers I say.
  13. I have the same Ballistix set - PC4000 2gb dual channel and I did have one minor oddity with them... During my finding the CPU max, had no problems - likely because the memory is way under-clocked for that process. On starting the memory max finding, I just jumped ahead to 275mhz with the CPU multi of 7 - and couldn't boot at all. This surprised me since I'd read all over how great the sticks were. Cleared CMOS, reset to 250mhz - and AGAIN couldn't boot with the sticks then at STOCK speed (and CPU multi set low.) Also note here, voltage was stock - auto or whatever - and I think the MB runs these sticks at 2.6v at stock. At this point I figured well, I could clear CMOS again and then bump voltage OR I could move from yellow mem slots to orange slots - maybe. I have the XP120 HS so I wasn't 100% sure I could actually get the memory out of yellow and back in orange without removing HS - but you can, just a little hard to push it down into orange and get clip set but it IS doable. Once I got my Ballistix into orange slots, I could boot np at 250 - jumped back to 275 and set voltage to 2.8 and also booted. I then followed the process with the exception that I jumped around a little in speeds and arrived at a max of 290 @ 3.0v. I tried 295 @ 3.0v and failed (errors in test #5 first pass) memtest. I wound up dropping back to 285 @ 2.9v and that setting seemed very stable, though I did have a .5 in place when I ran a 9 hour dual prime95. 285 did pass 25+ memtest passes, SuperPi, OCCT with x7 multi in place. From my experience and what I've read, it seems these sticks can do right near 300 - but need 3.0v or even 3.1v to do it. And they're HOT running - this is why I didn't go past 3.0v. All my tests were done with 3-3-3-8 timing - I do intend to drop back to around 250 and see if I can get 2-2-2-6... I am VERY happy with the memory. Edit: After I posted this, I used a Windows memtest which DID find some problems @ 285 (google "hci memtest" to find it). I dropped to 250 @ 2.7v and no problems so far. Still like the memory, just need more testing.
  14. I just got mine built Friday night/Saturday AM and followed the OC guide (via the discussion thread in this forum) to the letter and have had great luck. By following the steps outlined, you can find your CPU's max pretty easy. You do have to be very methodical about it - it sounds like you're messing with memory timings, not using a ratio and may be hitting either memory or CPU issues with either voltage or speed. With so many things that COULD be wrong, it's hard to nail down. The guide gives you steps to isolate memory and CPU and find the max of each. I do notice you have OCZ PC4000 memory - but as you said, you've left the memory at optimized settings. Granted, that is fine memory but you don't want to be trying to figure out if it works at stock speed AND trying to find your particular CPU's max. I have Ballistix PC4000 - and I still followed the steps in the guide with regard to lowering the memory ratio to find my CPU max. Glad I did it because I learned a lot along the way so far in only 2.5 days. My CPU max seems to be right at 2.7ghz - it's 9 hour dual prime95 stable at 2680/1.6v but can't get past OCCT or SuperPi at 2707, even at 1.7v - as high as I am willing to go. 1.6v was required for 2680 stability. I got my range this narrow by following the guide steps. Once you have your max CPU & memory numbers, you can go back and tweak things, push one area or the other and have a good basis for any adjustments because you know the max clocks you discovered at the start of your tests. Yes, it does take time but it's well worth it if you enjoy messing with this stuff!
  15. mid-assembly here sort of - ordered parts on Wednesday, got them Friday, been assembling since Friday night... It's actually assembled - been playing with it since last night I guess I'm working out what my CPU is stable at right now, but still decent scores I think: 3dmark03: 16949 @ 2717mhz 3dmark05: 8086 @ 2670mhz (failed to complete @ 2717mhz) I ran 3dmark01 but didn't capture the score.
  16. Well lets see if this works. If so, I've answered my own question I guess - I removed the NVidia Firewall/Network monitor thingy and haven't noticed any oddness since. I've been working out what the max clock for the CPU is following the wonderful OC guide over in the other area here Did I mention...WOW? And I haven't even played WOW on this box yet - but I will! Very happy - if this is posted, my oddball lockup on the posting page issue is gone! PS - 1/2 way through OCCT test @ 2717mhz @ 1.55v too following the guide to the letter. Only thing I'm at all worried about is if the Hitachi drives are going to cook themselves in the bottom compartment of the case - but on the bright side, that's all they'll cook. They are not contributing much to the MB/GPU/CPU heat situation.
  17. I just built what is in my sig - and so far all I can say is WOW, very nice!! Seems to be working at stock clock/voltages and I've loaded XP SP2 + updates + drivers and done a 3 x 250gb RAID0 (yes, I know how bad an idea it is - one drive dies, I'm toast - it's for fun atm.) I am having a weird problem and I do not think it's actually related to the board/memory/build but figure I'd ask if anyone has seen this. Everything works great except Internet Explorer locks on some web pages - specifically both here and HardForum, when trying to post I get a repeatable lockup of the IE window. Other IE windows not affected, can kill the locked one, do other stuff in IE, go other places, run Prime95 for a few min, etc - come back and try to post either place, only that IE window locks again. It doesn't lock immediately upon trying to post, rather I'm typing in the message area and in every case (about 8 times between the two sites so far) it would lock. The window was minimizable/killable. The fact that the lock is so repeatable to me indicates not a "real" problem but something goofy. I have no doubt I'll track it down, real problem or not, but just wondering if anyone has seen something like this? I googled for IE locks/hangs but of course I get all manner of crap that way. Again, all stock timings/voltages/2.2ghz right now - I'm not pushing anything. I'm going to run MemTest86 and Prime95 in this config and make sure it's stable - and try and figure out what IE's problem is - before I push anything beyond stock. Thanks!!
  18. Thanks for the reply ExRoadie. I am aware of the greatly increased chance of failure going RAID0 - if my backup strategy has to remain external drive to copy my data off, I'm ok with that. I currently use an external 250gb for backup and just copy my data occasionally. I think I may go with two or three 250gb Hitachi drives in RAID0 - they're cheap, they're at least as fast as the 80gb drives from what I've read - and I'll have plenty of space for random junk I don't mind loosing. I'm probably going overboard on storage, but at $299 for 750gb, man storage is cheap now!! One final question - after a lot of reading, it looks like the 3114 chip on the LanParty-DR board isn't really all that great performance-wise. Given that I seriously doubt I'll go over 4 drives total and if I do go over 4 drives, I'd want good performance out of the drives, is there any reason at all to get the DR version of the LanParty?
  19. Wow, what a thread - I think I've read about half of it from the start and then the last few pages. Lots of great info here! I've just registered here and my sig shows the system I intend to build very soon. I am still up in the air on drives - the Hitachi 80gb sound great and at $57/each the price is certainly right but... Has anyone tested a RAID0 array two of the new Seagate 7200.9 160gb drives yet? They're around $95 on Newegg, have 160gb on one platter, a 5 year warranty and are SATA2. I am wondering if a RAID0 boot array made up of 2 x 160gb 7200.9 Seagates might be at least as good performance wise as 2 x 80gb Hitachi... I am looking at the 160gb Seagate because, at 160gb on one platter, it's the most data-dense drive Seagate makes right now. The Seagate 7200.9 500gb is 4x125gb and they also have 133gb platters in the 7200.9 line but those drives don't seem to be available yet. If nothing else, thanks much for all the great information you guys have put in this thread - I've learned a TON reading this for the last few hours!
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