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  1. haha, well looks like im takin out the bat and glove cause tonight we playin ball with the aspire ! So I'll deff be ordering up one of the the A listed PSU's. This is probably why I cant get very good O/C results, would you agree (the crappy current PSU) ? As Far as the other questions go (multiple rails and cpu power connectors), anyone have an explanation ?
  2. Hi all, Realizing today that I don’t know very much about PSUs (Power Supply Units), I figured I mine as well research up and ask the masters before I purchase a new one. I was just curious is anyone would be willing to explain some key purchasing guidelines and explanations about PSUs. To Start, here are some things I would like to know. 1) What amount of Watts should one is targeting a SLI/Crossfire system compared to a non SLI/Crossfire system? 2) Everybody always mentions the +12v Rails, why are these so important? How many should a good PSU have? Should the amps coming off multiple rails be added for a "total" +12V amp measure, or is each rail independent. Ex: if i wanted by Total +12V amps to be 30. Would I be indifferent with 2 +12v of (15a) or 1 12v or (30a)? 3) Correct me if I’m wrong, but the image I have attached is a picture of the PSU's CPU powering wire, correct? My question is, my current PSU has 2 of these, is this for a true multi CPU setup, if not, I have no idea what to do with the second one. If anyone has the time, I was curious if they could give me an honest opinion about THIS PSU. Based on this opinion, I will either keep it or upgrade it. Also, does its power output satisfy the needs of an ATI x1900xtx? As always, thanks for reading!
  3. 558 stock !!! holy crap how do you not mealt ? Im OC'd to 496 and i get full load temps of 80C
  4. Yeah just copy and paste your original super pi folder as a duplicate and run the super.exe from each folder
  5. awesome ! Man i wish i worked on AMD chips. Keep providing the technical info though, always love learnin more about my chip!
  6. Technically though, you would wantd the lowest possible VID while being stable correct ? I got mine down to 1.375 @ 2500 and passed Prime stabilty tests.
  7. Damn thats sic!, seeing how my current liquid cooling system isnt expandable , id have to buy an entire setup from them. could be worth it though. I wonder what clock speeds you could achieve with that on a 7800gtx
  8. Wow, pretty harsh but I guess the truth hurts. Ill deff look into this. Thanks for your review. This would probably explain the poor OC results too... Never going bargain deal again.
  9. Hey are you guys reporting your voltages as actaul readouts from MBM5 or CPU-Z or just the value you set in the BIOS ?
  10. Awesome, thanks for the info guys. BTW, its a cooler master Aquagate Mini R120 Liquid Cooler. It got a pretty decent review and the price was right Cooler Master R80/120 Home More Images
  11. well im not quite sure what delta means, but I was just curious of average full load temps on liquid cooled sytems. If you really want detailed specs and pics i can and will provide, I just didnt think it was nessesary for such a general quesiton.
  12. Ok, test results after running 2 Instances of Prime95 for 18 hours. All tests pass! Im Stable x2 @ 2440 (not that much ) ram ad DDR 405 System Temp Hi/Low Report after 18.5 hour Prime 95 Run attatched as a zipped HTML report. If you have time please glance at the Hi/Low and let me know if you think the values are good - bad - safe etc..
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