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  1. Well... The RAM wasn't the problem. The new sticks also cause similar errors in MemTest, and assorted application exceptions and the occasional Bluescreen (none of which have been the same error code). While my RAM was away, I was using a pair of PC2700 512mb sticks (all I had =/), and everything was stable and great. So what's the next step? Processor? Motherboard? I'd like to get a new motherboard, preferrably a DFI with the ATI chipset (Sata problems fixed?), so maybe should I just forget about this motherboard right now and buy a new one? EDIT: Woops, nevermind... I was using the wrong settings with my RAM, the SPD on this set is different. Everthing appears to be ok now.
  2. Yeah, as a last resort I tested with the settings listed, still no luck, exact same errors. I've tried settings from everyone and everywhere, and by now I'm pretty confident that my hardware has a problem.
  3. Just randomly memtesting today, hoping something would come up, and it did. One of the sticks showed an error in Test 7 on each pass, so I'm going to RMA the ram.
  4. RyderOCZ had this to say at the OCZ support forum: Does his analysis make sense? Could the problem be with an IC on the board?
  5. Ok, I've been having a LOT of trouble with the underclocking. To begin with, I started memtesting this morning with the ratio at 4x, which was 803.7mhz. When I came home from work, the power had gone out during the day, and my computer was off. Upon trying to turn it back on, my computer would freeze while initializing, either displaing "Main Processor: AMD Athlon etc..." or the next line, or "Memory Testing: 2096064 ok". The SPD information would not load, and I had to press the reset button at least 25 times to get it to post, at which point it immeadiately crashed in Memtest, displaying only a blue screen with the green Memtest banner in the top left. The plus sign blinked, but nothing happened. I restarted, tried to get into the bios, but it crashed when I selected Genie Bios Settings. I got back in, set it back to normal, restarted, set back down to a 4.0x multiplier, and finally got into Memtest. I let it run for about 2 hours while I did other stuff around the house. When I got back, the timer was "76:09:16," and Memtest had frozen, but the plus sign was still blinking. There were no errors, but the extremely strange passing of 74 hours was enough of an error for me. So, I haven't yet tried underclocking the RAM to 333 mhz, but I figured I'd leave this report for you to muse over. EDIT: When setting the DRAM down to 166 mhz, I selected the proper divider, and when my computer booted, the screen displayed that it was indeed DDR333, but Memtest read it as DDR315, operating at 157 mhz. This is with the processor returned to its normal clock, 2210 mhz. EDIT 2: Memtest froze while running at DDR333 (DDR315) and did the same thing. Timer jumped to 29:55:36, and the testing stopped, but the plus sign kept blinking.
  6. No, not a 939. I'll investigate with the underclocking, should I try one at a time? And then both? Or just both to begin with?
  7. No change, in fact this added more errors in Test #7.
  8. I cleared the CMOS (following the information in the sticky), loaded optimized defaults, rebooted, loaded these settings, ran memtest, and was rewarded with 42 errors by test 5, there may have been some in test 4, but I wasn't looking at the time. Let me re-iterate what I know thus far: -The issue exists only when running both sticks ---Individually, both stick work fine -The memtest issues always occur between 1800 and 2048 in the "Failing Address" column ---This occurs no matter which order the two sticks are in -It is not a problem with the Power Supply ---I replaced my Rosewill with a more than capable GameXStram 600 -My voltages run higher than set --- 2.8 setting, 2.92 reported. 2.7 setting, 2.81 reported. -MANY Bios setting haven't worked ---See previous posts in thread -Occasionally, I'll get on a good streak, memtest fine, run Windows stable ---These streaks usually only last 3-4 days before things return to failing memtest and bluescreening windows Anything new to try? I'll borrow a DMM from work tomorrow and get my voltages checked out.
  9. IDE Driver was not installed. I clearled CMOS when I switched to the 623-3 Bios. Do you want me to clear it again and test using the optimized defaults?
  10. I'm 95% sure I didn't install the IDE SW drivers, any way I can check? I'm already using the 623-3 Bios (sorry sig didn't reflect that, updated). I'm currently on a "good streak" but things should run awry either tomorrow or Friday.
  11. Is there a post about how to check voltage? A certain resistor somewhere? I tried searching, but evidently my keyowrds were too broad, and I got fed up with the 30 second delay =p.
  12. Ambient emperatures are relatively stable, and I'm in a basement so sunlight has a nominal effect on the temperatures. I haven't been taking a look at case temperatures, but I'll see if theres a change the next time things start crashing. It seems to me that if I make certain changes to the bios, mainly voltage, my computer will run stable for 3-4 days before having issues and failing memtest. But every voltage change doesn't affect this, and I still have no idea what could be causing it.
  13. Okay, I ran into some serious trouble today. After another IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal, I ran memtest, which encountered errors in test #4 and test #7. I had been stable, and had passed memtest for 20 hours just a couple days earlier, but now I'm back to failing memtest. I've attempted a couple different bios settings. The settings listed in the OCZ Prime Tested forum (http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....173&postcount=5) now fail to boot with both sticks in the orange slots, or either stick in the bottom orange slot. I'm really running out of ideas and things to try. Right now, I'm failing memtest with the last bios settings posted in this thread... Any other recomended settings or courses of action would be very helpful... EDIT: Also, is it normal to have actual voltages .12 volts higher than they're set to? For example, if I set DRAM voltage to 2.8 volts, my bios displays the DRAM actually at 2.92 volts? Could this be a problem with a voltage regulator on the motherboard? Or is this normal?
  14. Well, having trouble again. I've had 4 bluescreens in the last 8 hours, 3 were "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT" and one was "IRQL_Not_Less_Or_Equal," which I think are associated with drivers, but I didn't have either of these until going back to 2 gigs of ram. Any help/suggestions would be welcome!
  15. New PSU arrived today, memtest with no errors, running great! Thanks for all your help!
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