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  1. Ok, I switched out the ram to Corsair 3200c2pro Xtreme and everything works fine now. The Kingston wasn't stable no matter what I did. Thank you guys for the feedback. Should I still flash the BIOS?
  2. ok I cleared CMOS again and made it to a post screen, the bios is 1/25/2005. I took the MB back to the store and had them test it. Just the board. They used different PSU, mem, and vid card. It worked fine. I brought it back, tried 1 mem in the top slot like they did. No mem detect and loud beeps. Tried the second slot down (orange) and it worked, but I set the time in the BIOS and now it crashes on memory test in the post. Is the Kingston HyperX not compatible?
  3. I believe it's 6.00 but I can't get back to the post screen to check.
  4. This is my first DFI system and right out of the box I've been having a problem with the BIOS not accessable after reboot. I originaly started with power supply, 2x512 ram in 2and4 slots, and 2 geforce6800s with SLI jumpers on 2and3pins. The system boots, I hit del and enter CMOS. Now wether I make changes or not, upon reboot the keyboard doesn't work and after post screen is a blank screen with blinking cursor. I cleared the CMOS, tried again and got the same thing. This happens with 1 RAM and 1 video card too. I have to clear CMOS each time to get to BIOS. So, I tried taking the battery out and leaving the jumper on clear for an hour like someone on here suggested, and then I just put 1 videocard & 1 RAM in the 1st slot, now I get 3 leds on the debug and it wont detect the ram. I put it back the way I had it and still nothing. It won't work at all now. Somebody please help me do I have a bad board/bios?
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