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  1. Read the sig for specs. I have a bunch of ides for storage so I am not short on space for storage just need something snappy to run the apps and os.
  2. Wouldn't the best deal be find someone who is buying just a dell tower and pay the difference for the monitor???
  3. I actually have mine on cable select. I had it set as master initially but it wasn't getting picked up in the bios. I also have my dvd burner set on master and it had no problems.
  4. ill test that... not at home right now... get home in around 3 hours.. in class hehe
  5. I see all these apps you guys use for the amd64 for overclocking and such. Does anyone have a guide or more info on what programs to acquire.
  6. I am having trouble figuring out what wires go where Karajan Audio Module: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1) GND 2) Vcc 3) line out right front 4) NC 5) line out left front 6) mic left 7) mic right 8) line out right 9) NC 10) line out left How do i remedy this??
  7. Which to go with? 1 mb cache or 512 kb cache thats the real issue?
  8. 24. Install OS (Windows XP Home) and format hard drive. EDIT: For clarity this procedure is in this order. During install of WinO/s drives will be partitioned and then formatted to be able to use them and then Install of O/s continues. One additional note at this point. I would strongly urge using an install CD that has had WinXP SP2 slipstreamed into it; as it has updated drivers and DirectX9.0C in that SP2. What if you already have winxp installed on a hard drive. No install needed I would assume just plug and go.
  9. In sort of a hurry trying to overnight. I hear tccd is the way to go but what is best with the lanparty ultra d nf4 board. Can you point me in the right direction?
  10. I Found this here: http://www.7volts.com/quiet.htm Great Article The Ring Cage "The Augmented Fan is a new, low noise fan technology that allows for a 40-50 % increase in flow @ equal noise levels. The Augmented Fan’s difference in operation can be observed with the addition of a patented multiple ring structure or ringcage. The ringcage acts as a radial flow ejector in combination with an axial fan. Utilizing the normally-wasted energy in the fan tip vortex the Augmented Fan induces added air into the normal propeller flow. The added inflow through the rings destroys the tip vortex and helps maintain boundary layer control; the smoother flow through the system eliminates fan duct stall and reduces noise 6 - 8 dbA." quoted from Interesting paper at http://home.att.net/~alemont/noise2.html Panasonic's Application of LAC Augmented Fan Technology. If you want to look, these are the Panasonic FBL series of axial fans. They have been listed in the past but the listing I had has been removed. I don't know if these are available. Tom McFadden writes: I dropped by to link to your photo of an FBL fan, and if you were not already aware of this, people can get them from Digikey.com. Search for "fbl fan" at Digikey and filter for size/voltage needed, and bingo! They also carry the standard FBA-family Panaflos and even have a slimline 80x15mm L1A for people with wacky power supplies. Not cheap, but hey. CPU Fans CPU fans and heatsinks are covered in some detail on the cooling page.
  11. Thanks for the info. To bad its not 19.95 and comes with a free gift. But wait theres more... hehe.. Yea i was pretty strong on the XP-90C just need to find the best price.
  12. I was going for the best perforumance. I figured copper would beat aluminum any day. How much a difference is the xp-90c vs xp90?
  13. About ready to buy me one but need some help on where to find the best price. I seen this place called paragon not sure if anyone had any experience with this place.
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