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  1. The other day I came home and my ethernet ports were dead. I thought my router died but I popped on the xbox and a light flashed so that wasn't it. I just left it alone and came back to it today and decided ill just load linux. Lucky for me I load linux and net pops up right away. This is the wierdest problem ever. Both ethernet ports are shown as operational in windows but it just won't recognize the connection. How can I be perfectly fine on linux but connection disappears in windows. Very frustrating, please help.

  2. my ide is setup like this


    Before: IDE connector 1 (Master BENQ 1640, Slave Hard Drive)

    IDE connector 2 (Master Hard Drive, Slave Hard Drive)

    Positives: System Booted

    Negatives: Long 30 sec delay between post and windows logo


    Now: IDE connector 1 (Master Hard Drive, Slave Hard Drive)

    IDE connector 2 (Master BENQ 1640, Slave Hard Drive)

    Positives: None thus far

    Negatives: Non System Boot Disk Error

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